The competition 

 Hey guys!

There is lot of competition going on the world. From being to developing countries to developed, competition for medals, Olympics…. A huge list! 

But the COMPETITION here I’m talking about is for entering the top Indian engineering colleges. 

Like everyone, by my grades of 10th, I chose pcm to be my main subjects. Started coaching for the first time in my life! 

Now… It had been two years since then…. And  I started to write songs…. Quotes.. Totally philosopher!!   People around me loved it. So, here I’m experimenting every talent I have that can lead me to my future. But, like me, there are not hundreds but lakhs! Of examples who  blindly   follow the crowd! One my friend.. took pcm and after these two rigorous years.. He is going to pursue arts! Coz, he has that talent!

It can’t be changed like one magic wand move and ….. Whoosh … Everyone on right track. No! It can’t. But just recognize what you can do actually, in which you are happy and satisfied. Do not follow blindly, because you will waste your time and your future is in your hands! 

-Poojan(had been blind for a time… Now wide awake!)

(Pic from google)

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