Its hard to accept the fact
That you could be lonely sometimes
That having people around to talk are for the moment
They live in their own knitted world
Even if you have someone so close
People would judge you, and yes, you yourself
But, sometimes you need to feel that loneliness
And let you heal yourself
Growing up we never realized
How distance addicted we’ve become
How sometimes you can crave for
Those few people with whom you can be real you
Speak of your mind, words all true
Need of the listening ear, just hear
Don’t process, don’t understand
Just lay beside and hear
Coz I have a load of pain sometimes
Searing through my eyes
I wonder if I could tell someone
But I don’t even know how to explain it to myself
Its just a wave of despair that crashes through myself
All the wrongs and overthinking starts to grasp
And I cannot but just trip over these thoughts to myself
These feelings feel like drowning
But I know its just this moment
Next morning I will be fine , else forget
But how to live now, I don’t know yet
Looking for love out when it not feels within
I cannot force anyone to hear myself
I wonder how child grows
I still have to adapt the feelings although I am adult
Be mature and less hormonal to control it all
I wonder how my child would face
This emptiness that sometimes comes from within

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