When we’ve started to grow?

Someone has rightly said

Human mind is a sieve

It does not retains

Little by little, piece by piece

We all have lost some memories

What we felt as kid back then?

How we ‘joyed on the Victory game

How coming back home from school was so easy

How we left all our worries

To the one holding our hands all our life

When we grew up? How it all started?

When we took our decisions on our own?

When we started to find rights and wrong?

Or when we learned to take the responsibility on self

Starting to compete in the race?

Or when other’s opinion started feeling trash

When did that hand faltered, we hadn’t had sight?

That was always guiding us for light

And now all the memories come in a flash of light

All the sweet and bitter

All the fights and tears

Time flying images scrawling inside

Moments persisted, never did die

Frail hands, beating heart, soul and body, mind full of love

Never did leave, never did leave

The day you realized your responsibility

But there is always that child inside our hearts

Let it live

Coz in this atmosphere of unpleasant lives

There is no more stake on life

Live while you can and

Create memories, love and cherish the present

That’s when we grew up

Little by little

Piece by piece

We build up the castle of memories

Till then enjoy laying every brick

Because its always the journey you’d fall in love with

Goal is just a temporary, will get faded

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