Love – the supreme power
Love can be both, destructive as well as constructive.
All in all, it is the most supreme power you believe it or not.
Love is what you would die for or even make someone else die for it.
Love is as powerful to kill you even though you continue to live in your hollow body
Love could be the ever bloom that occurred to you, would change the meaning of life.
Love makes us fight together, hold together, and love together.
A mother’s love for her baby,
A father’s love for his kid
A brother – sister love
Lover’s love
Love for money
Love for position
Passionate love
Possessive love
Immature love
Unconditional love
Whatever you may call
But love has it roots all over us.
From our birth to the day we die, we carry the love we bear with us, leaving the traces behind the people we loved.

It is the driving force, rekindling hope within us.
It has the utmost power to shatter you to pieces at same time time make you feel at the top of the world.
Yes! It’s confusing ain’t it.
If you love, nothing Could stop you from unloving that.
Its the connection we feel, the sensation, the happiness, torment, cravings, everything we desire.
We as humans should be thankful to be in this aura. The greatest power we equip, our love.



I still remember

When I was too small to think

What mother’s love is

I hid back at the corner of the car

Asked my dad to not tell her

And say that they lost me

Amidst the people we were meeting

Without my consent, I was insistent

She panicked and halt the car

Worried were I was lost

Till the prank fall down with laughter of us

That I’m here mumy, don’t worry

I’m safe and sound with you

I still remember when I was young

I’d broken my knee

Trying to keep it to myself

To show myself strong

In front of you and my bro

But my awkward stance made you doubtful

You kept asking me what’s the trouble

I just tried to ignore to telling you I had fallen

That the incident was a realization

That you are the only one who can help yourself

Others just spectate

I was afraid to say anything to you

Still you crossed the distance mum

And hugged me

And the invisible bridge inside me

Broke down

It felt so good in your safe arms

I cried hard, told you what hurts

You know me in and out

You know I’m an emotional fool

I know I have done some big mistakes in life

Instead of making you proud

I have had let you down sometimes

But mumy you will always be the best cook in world

The best singer, the best painter for me

The best teacher, the person.

I love you mum

Happy birthday to you!


(Spoiler – Plz don’t read if you’re in a happy mood)

And whenever I try to write

Nothing comes in my mind

Even now when I’m typing

All the clustered emotions are venting

I write for myself

But somewhere I write for him to read too

I write to get his appraisal too

I write to get his comments too

His likes too

His dislikes too

But now he is busy in his ‘own’ world

In world where he is my priority

Where no matter what my mood is

His things will be the first I do

And me, myself is the whole problem

To think and rethink

That how this little small breaks where I lie in my bed

Still you are on mind without thinking of you

Still you don’t have a minute

To hear my songs, to read my posts

May be, I would have really sung it to sooth you

To make the sense of comfort from the meaning of the song.

To make you feel good

The time you needed it most

But then

You don’t

And the ways I try to comfort

Comes falling down on me

That my effort is waste like water drowning in drain

I know I’m emotionally irrelevant right now

But your little things matter

What you do, what you don’t

And I still know

I should not expect you to like and comment in this anymore

I’ll not remind you to do read

Because when things and people who are close to you

There things matter

There work matter

You notice what they do

I do like this

May be not everyone

But I do.

May be I’m still wrong to feel what I feel

Because its two on you to feel

And again I have to stop myself

To burden you

So that you could live freely

I’m angry, stupid, fucking, crazy bird

I might shout, scream, laugh, cry, hurt

But this doesn’t means I don’t see the little things you see

I know you do the effort for me

I’m sorry for the hurt I exhibit on you

But please know!

This heart beats only for you.


When we sleep sound
When we know if we get around
Its going to be safe
Its going to be sound
Those fighters
Giving and sacrificing
Their own precious life
To let us sleep in peace
To make the nation free
They take the real bullets through their heart
Mother nation, our mother earth
Is all they serve their lives for
Living in worse climates
Away from their families
Imagine their happiness
When they’d come home
To thier crying child craving for them
For their precious time
Asking them to stay,
To never leave
In their Last breath
They would love to complete
The fight they had
Against, they were never bound to
But thier patriotism
To thier heights
I wish, we could do something
For all those who suffer misery
Not just only soldiers
We all are fighters
In our histories
We have our battles
We win, we loose
Some die, some give the birth
To the unhindered fire within us
HOPE is the fire
Alive in everyone’s eyes
Hope to make every person you meet
And make them smile
And protect
Till your last day.

Social obligations

In today’s society, who doesn’t wants to be social. In fact there are classes about how to interact and show personality to specific people.

I mean, how ridiculous!

Ah! I know, these things are important. You can’t go to your boss directly and say, hey, what’s my project for the upcoming days?

No, you can’t. You have to fill in the ordinary obligation of the society considering someone higher than other.

Its funny, if you are not able to recognise the facial expressions of the person speaking to you. If they really are interested to talk to you, or they are just standing, whimpering every second like, oh god! Can this person go and bor someone else.

I’m a kind of ambivert, I guess. But I really myself don’t know how to interact to people. I find it ridiculous.

I enjoy in people’s company, but also long for the closed corridor of me and some few friends.

It sometimes just discomforts that you don’t really know how to not pour yourself on to other. How not to be too good for the person who is not asking for it.

Yea! I really make fun of myself doing that. Knowing the unknowingly.

Its been some time now, that I have started to control my interactions more than what situations want from themselves.

That only people who really are interested will have a know on what I want to tell. Even sometimes I enjoy forcefully telling the theories of my mind to few people.. I know they will consider me crack as always, only them. But it just hurts a little who you go over of something someone doesn’t wants and indicates to leave your presence forcefully.

Like, oh common, I was telling the things that might help you.

But never mind, we all do the very same to people. Mostly the teachers for example.

If you read this full till here, I think you’re really having a free time right now to hear my daily chores babbles. XD.



I hear your heart beat
I feel it
Sitting beside
With my head resting on your chest
I feel your pull
The push and pull of the beats
It becomes my soothing sound
Settles everything chaotic in my mind
All the cyclones going cease
And I go back to my utter peace
Is my home
Where I find your love
Sitting quite
Just breathing beside
I can feel your heat
In this cold night
Millimeters away are your lips
Just brushing mine as they move
The tickle of your moustache
And the little pull from your soft lips
Breathing the air you breathe out
Feeling the heat beside you
My heart goes uneven
Listening closely to you

God’s plan

I believe in something

That someone non existing


That he plans for us

Our destinies

He plans our folly

He plans our success

Even he plans our failure

I believe there is a God’s plan

For every one of us

We don’t recognise it

We live with it


Even though we might loose

Its all in the plan

The evil, the good

Everything is a God’s plan

The path you take

Is only your choice

How you embrace,

Is your choice

I believe in the good

And will do it till death

Human easily is a traitor

But try to become the best you have

Believe me, even if the situation seems out of hand

God’s plans for you are on right track

Although you might not get what you want

World is not a wish granting factory

But still you’ll have someone to cherish

Believe in me,

It becomes all right in the end

Follow the God’s plan.

Come up

(random poem) XD

If you fall down

If there are many people you surround

Still no one will come

To pick you up

Its you who’s to be strong

Its only you who can put yourself up

Instead of feeling fallen

Walk straight like warrior

Dust off the dust

Like it’s just a flower petal on your jeans

Because people fall when they try hard

So it’s you was trying

Not the people who make the pun

So let there fun be your steps

To your up.

Smile, and walk away

Be the person who smiles at the pain

Coz it’s braver than complaining

Coz, you know people who love you

Will wait for you

You fall or you come up

So meet them with grace

With what you started

No fairytales

Hola people! I hope everyone is doing well.

Thought of the day – ALWAYS be optimistic!

Well, as the topic might suggest you.. there is no such things we read in our childhood stories. A prince charming, coming to take you away from the messy world.. going down to his knees and takes you forever to a place silent and beautiful , with a canal flowing .. a small bench and a tree alongside.. blossoming with flowers.. oh! that’s all imaginary.

Nor there is an angel like girl, who will be always good whatever you do, who will always love and sacrifice for you and blah blah.

We all are LIVE and an individual person. We all think, and have our hearts on right place according to us. May be, our actions might seem correct to us but it might hurt someone unknowingly. Even though, you might put yourself down the list of priorities and put everyone else first, then too, you’ll face anxiety. Being selfless doesn’t comes without pain.

Life is never perfect. It’s you who make it. Your attitude, your behaviour, your understanding and believes makes you who you are and what you’ll be. Before feeling sad, or blaming someone, put yourself in their shoe. would you have done the same thing for? or would have that much patience to hear and explain right things to sort everything out even though you know it breaks your heart?

You cannot compare anyone’s situation, because every one has their own battles to fight. And I respect every person and every battle they fight every day to survive. Even if they seem small to you, it might take their highest potential to face it and smile for you, hiding everything behind.

All the depressing things have done enough at least for me. I’m literally tired enough that my brain doesn’t responds now to over think. I have started to let the things go as they will to. I want to live best of my life, because, a life that has been loved is a life that has been lived.. I want to love everything, the sunshine, the birds-chirping, my brother making fun out me, my studies, my friends, the people I love, the city and everything around me. Because if you would have heard … living life is hard than dying. and I want to push myself hard in living life most optimistically as I can. I want to love as strong as I can leaving no possible impossible in my trying.

This what I remind myself to Live,Love and Laugh a lot .. till your breaths comes short and all pain gone, till you forget even why were you laughing at first place. I want to be that person with good vibes. And I will.

Hope, the person reading gets the positive vibe I feel right now, and live life as happy as they could :).

Enjoy your day buddy, don’t Β roam over darkness, I wholeheartedly invite you to my sunshine.


Nights and days.

I miss your arms around me
Tight and light hugging me
I miss how you kissed on my cheek
Like it was yesterday, we worried
Don’t you look like had violence? You said
I miss those strawberries with you
And the vanilla tipping off your lips
I miss the touch of your moustache
The beard and the way I used to nest my head
Under your chin, between your chest
The safe home, I guess
In the cold nights, when you became my blanket
When we play like child, and celebrate the win
Keeping fake party to feed you good
All those crazy laugh and naughty texts
The way you come around
And say boo in my ears
The way I feel nervous, and happy at the same time
I used to believe love a bullshit
That it happens in novels, movies and non reality
But I didn’t knew it could be true
Until I met you
Till I met you
Now all that was far away
The feeling I thought impossible
I feel
But love is there so are the obstacles
But I promise to make the obstacles vanish
For you, for us
I have started thinking about dreams
I know which can’t be true
I wish They could
But I can’t wait how the time unfolds
No matter whatever happens
My best memories I have lived
Now its more easy that I have had you
That world contains nothing of life and death
I have lived this life. Happy.
And deaths aboard don’t fear me
I got what I want and now want no one
I’ll be your mom, your love, your friend
Your anything your bro even your nerve-wracking sis
Till you get your way back to good and warm, safe and happy place
I’ll walk beside you
From the darkest night to the brightest day. πŸ™‚