It becomes unnaturally cold

My body shivers relentlessly 

But there’s no cold outside 

Instead it’s inside me

When my eyes lack water


And my throat chokes 

Not able to breathe 

It makes me colossal of demise

But sometimes it’s good to break 

I guess 

It gives you to understand the Y’s

And gives you a new seed to grow 


Breaking, still appreciating 

The pain of break. 


Open SKY 

I want to be your open sky!

Where you can fly as much as you want

Without any limitations… 

Without any hesitations.. 

Spread your wings! 

Extend where they will 

You could dive to the horizon.. 

Touch the beauty.. 

Go anywhere 

It’ll lead you to nowhere 

Because I have no boundaries to mark 

I’ll set you free! 

Not caged in your own mind

You’ll have a light heart

Your mind will relax.. 

You’ll breathe free.. 

You’ll be happy.. 

I promise

Don’t be hard and cold 

Let me in! 

Let me be your open sky!