No fairytales

Hola people! I hope everyone is doing well.

Thought of the day – ALWAYS be optimistic!

Well, as the topic might suggest you.. there is no such things we read in our childhood stories. A prince charming, coming to take you away from the messy world.. going down to his knees and takes you forever to a place silent and beautiful , with a canal flowing .. a small bench and a tree alongside.. blossoming with flowers.. oh! that’s all imaginary.

Nor there is an angel like girl, who will be always good whatever you do, who will always love and sacrifice for you and blah blah.

We all are LIVE and an individual person. We all think, and have our hearts on right place according to us. May be, our actions might seem correct to us but it might hurt someone unknowingly. Even though, you might put yourself down the list of priorities and put everyone else first, then too, you’ll face anxiety. Being selfless doesn’t comes without pain.

Life is never perfect. It’s you who make it. Your attitude, your behaviour, your understanding and believes makes you who you are and what you’ll be. Before feeling sad, or blaming someone, put yourself in their shoe. would you have done the same thing for? or would have that much patience to hear and explain right things to sort everything out even though you know it breaks your heart?

You cannot compare anyone’s situation, because every one has their own battles to fight. And I respect every person and every battle they fight every day to survive. Even if they seem small to you, it might take their highest potential to face it and smile for you, hiding everything behind.

All the depressing things have done enough at least for me. I’m literally tired enough that my brain doesn’t responds now to over think. I have started to let the things go as they will to. I want to live best of my life, because, a life that has been loved is a life that has been lived.. I want to love everything, the sunshine, the birds-chirping, my brother making fun out me, my studies, my friends, the people I love, the city and everything around me. Because if you would have heard … living life is hard than dying. and I want to push myself hard in living life most optimistically as I can. I want to love as strong as I can leaving no possible impossible in my trying.

This what I remind myself to Live,Love and Laugh a lot .. till your breaths comes short and all pain gone, till you forget even why were you laughing at first place. I want to be that person with good vibes. And I will.

Hope, the person reading gets the positive vibe I feel right now, and live life as happy as they could :).

Enjoy your day buddy, don’t  roam over darkness, I wholeheartedly invite you to my sunshine.



Nights and days.

I miss your arms around me
Tight and light hugging me
I miss how you kissed on my cheek
Like it was yesterday, we worried
Don’t you look like had violence? You said
I miss those strawberries with you
And the vanilla tipping off your lips
I miss the touch of your moustache
The beard and the way I used to nest my head
Under your chin, between your chest
The safe home, I guess
In the cold nights, when you became my blanket
When we play like child, and celebrate the win
Keeping fake party to feed you good
All those crazy laugh and naughty texts
The way you come around
And say boo in my ears
The way I feel nervous, and happy at the same time
I used to believe love a bullshit
That it happens in novels, movies and non reality
But I didn’t knew it could be true
Until I met you
Till I met you
Now all that was far away
The feeling I thought impossible
I feel
But love is there so are the obstacles
But I promise to make the obstacles vanish
For you, for us
I have started thinking about dreams
I know which can’t be true
I wish They could
But I can’t wait how the time unfolds
No matter whatever happens
My best memories I have lived
Now its more easy that I have had you
That world contains nothing of life and death
I have lived this life. Happy.
And deaths aboard don’t fear me
I got what I want and now want no one
I’ll be your mom, your love, your friend
Your anything your bro even your nerve-wracking sis
Till you get your way back to good and warm, safe and happy place
I’ll walk beside you
From the darkest night to the brightest day. 🙂


Spontaneous me.

My feeling are spontaneous
One minute I can be happy
Other I can be sad
One day I’ll be heavy
Another will be mad.
My character drifts
But my soul is the same
My words bit
But my heart was the same
My mind needs time sometimes
My head to stop going wild
Insane as I am. I try to tame
Tame my demons. I locked
Behind the beautiful smile I wear
Families, friends.
Love and I
Every one confuses me
I feel then.
Why even the hell I’m in this world
Then if the close one comments.
It really hurts
I always try to take it easy
But as I said I’m spontaneous
I feel it quickly
One minute I’m laughing
Other one. I could cry
But after a day when you’ll ask.
I’ll forget what it was all about
Because I’m spontaneous
I feel it.
But then I let it go
Because I don’t want to loose my happy armour
I’m afraid to collapse in the dark empire
I’m afraid to be alone by myself
Where I’ll be not able to handle myself
I can be irrelevant, irritating and rude and mean sometimes
You may think I don’t understand
But, it’s never like that
My mood drifts. I observe everything
Even if I’m not happy. I’ll try to be good
If I’m not. Then please forgive me
I know I don’t know how to cheer you up.
And You have many people to cheer up
So, I have to do it myself now.
So here writing it all
Letting my words out
Out of my mind, out of my heavy brain
I am going to relax a bit
And try to cheer you up again.
But forgive me.
If I’m not successful
Because there has been an exception
Thrown out of my life. When something good is on the way.
And I always treat it bad. Not learning from the mistakes
So I resolve to never repeat it again.

How can I?

How can I explain you
How much I love you
For doing things to me
No one can
For feeling for me
No one can
How can I explain to you
How much you mean to me
If the whole world is one side
And you the other
I’ll be by your side
How could I stop this giggle
This shyness this thrill
Which you give to me by your touch
Your fierceness your wildness
Your tenderness your love
Which you share with me
So precious
Thank you for making my headaches go away
You are the perfect balm for my heavy day
Thank you for making me laugh
Making all the odds go away
Just like magic
Your touch gives
When our lips meet
When your teeth graze my skin
When your hand follow the trail
Trail to my heart
Going everywhere, I could see nothing
But only feel you
Only you
Thank you for making me blissful addicted drug addict
This drug is sweetest of all
Which I cannot get over of
I’d go to any lengths to achieve this drug
Coz I can’t live without
Thank you loving me love
In the ways, I never imagined
In the ways no one can
In the only and only way.
Which is you❤️


Sometimes I wonder

Where those younger years are gone

Where we didn’t care who we befriending

Where we didn’t care if someone cares

Where we just gave our all

And expected nothing

Where I invested my time

Past my life in school

When I made friends

And none of them, just a few

Who really care what I’m

And the rest are just a joke

On my life on whom I have invested my time

Real time, big time.

Doing everything I can

For the people who didn’t deserve

To make them real close to me

But they always remembered me

When they need

I’m too not good in maintaining

I get busy when I know they need

But when I see people

Who have their buddies

I feel that time I spend

I had every one in front of eyes

But non by my side

Few were the exceptions

But that’s the harsh truth of life

No one is your friend in the end

Only your family and your loved ones who care

So I have started sobering up

Because keeping the distance is best I can

No, I don’t need no fake people

Nor their appreciation or suggestions

I just need the time with people I really love

Because now, I choose my time to be better real

Than just like fake movie cover under the ugly faces.

Happy Birthday


hey love!!!!

Happy birthday to you!

I know there are some big mistakes done

Which I can’t expect you to forgive

But please, you are the most important to me

Whether you believe me or not

But I just can’t stop caring for you

Your baby face when wake

Your charming smile that melts my heart

Your teeth brushing your lips

Your eyebrow cut making you look awesome

The shine in your eyes

The brightness of your skin

The aura that you carry

Was for me

But mistakenly I lost it all

Please, let me try to recover

Because I know you are very deep thinker

When you decide a thing

You are passionate about it

Your determination, your care

You have taught me what loving someone is like

I can’t imagine if it could ever be undo

No here, in my heart there is no undo button

It beats for you

And I know this part of my heart will beat till its last beat

Only for you!

I know the little things you do

To make me happy

To make me feel that how important I’m to you

I know you like to spend time by yourself

You don’t like people around

But I still remember when we were just budding

I made you came in the onerios for the 1st time

How you took the effort to arrange all those shirts and ties

How you just waited for me just to meet me

Although you don’t like to wait

Or it can be giving your hanky to stop me from crying

Holding me tight kissing my tears away when I remembered something light

Forcing me to eat more and exercise

To go for walk in the morning to increase my blood

Or to show concern and held my hand when I’m not right

To surprise, when I least expected what it could have been

To make me look beautiful, to make me feel precious.

I just want you to know

I try to do the same for you

Hey love

Please forgive me I’m a fool

Please accept me with all my negatives and positives

I know you have big heart full of love for everyone

I’ll do anything for you if you want

Even now if you will say

I’ll stand on a bench (not in the classroom )

Yea I can do that

You are the precious super person

Who was born on this precious day

Please don’t let this day fade away

In our misunderstandings and our fray

Let’s be happy like what we were and enjoy your day

I wish you my years and thousand years to live

Live young, live for yourself

Be your own, eat, watch movie, feel yourself

I know we have practical right

But it won’t matter if you are bright

If your mood is light

Please be happy Rashi 🙂

That’s the only thing I want

I know I let you down

But not anymore, I won’t

Please be happy


Happy birthaday to most beautiful soul I love ❤

My light

I just remembered

How you held me from the back

When I was washing our dishes

How satisfying that feeling was

How we wasted all our food XD

How you held me tight

And close, to you

How the feeling of this cold was gone

Right in your warmth, in you

I wish I could have seized that moment

Would have looked in the mirror

Would have captured in a photograph

How you hands were folded on my stomach

And how your chin rested on my shoulders

How you managed to compensate my height

And how you curve your spine

Just to be mine

All those memories flipping in my eyes

Right now

These diwali lights are around

But my happy place is incomplete

I wish to see these lights with you

To look up and smile

To enjoy the little things in life

Oh god! I think I’m so crazy

And I know I am

Thank you for tolerating me

And a very happy diwali

I hope, one day,

We’ll celebrate it together

Looking right above the sky

Where the lights will meet the dark

Making every night bliss and wonderful


Hey love!

I know it’s been only few hours.. A day.

Whatever you may say..

That we’ve met,

but I really feel so incomplete.

I thought this feel will rest when I get back home,

a part of me is missing..

I’m home but I miss you every minute

Okay, I know, you can’t be available every time, I understand…

Even when you travel.. This

Internet sucks..

But I don’t know what to say, I just feel a little lost today.
I think about you..

Seeing your pic makes me wanna cry.. That I want you for real
I don’t know what I’m writing.
I don’t know when you’re gonna see this message..

May be till then you’ve been slept..
I know it’s not been a while.. Its just the start of holidays.

But I’m mad you know.

It feels like one of the longest day

That I have not heard your voice

Not seen you eyes in sunshine

Not hold your hand tight

Not prayed with you before we eat

Not laughed my ass out on some stupid joke

Not been in your fragrance to embrace

It feels like, I should just call you once now

To speak with you any bullshit

To hear you laugh in the middle of the mess

A part of me

I have left within you now!

Which is always going to be with you

A part of me.

It’s not necessary to give a title

To this poem or things we feel

My cheeks are still red.

My eyes brimming with love

My hairs still messy

My heart still beating fast

If I would tell you

The things I feel

If I would show you

That every word you say

Matters to me

If I would say

That yes I understand you

And I understand myself too

As a third person perspective

But as first person view it seems different

If I would show you

The little things you do to me

That make me so happy

Make my day even night

The things you say, you notice

You’d think it too cheesy

If I would ever open my mouth

To speak something I think

But I can’t continue

Then it’s really an emotional thing for me

Which I could continue if I would apply breaks

Or will Continued with the fall of drops

If I would be you I’ll still be amazed

Life is so confusing

But at the same time

I love who I am

I love the way you are

I love the way we are

I love everything with you

And there’s nothing without you I know

Because you know the deepest corner of my heart

Although I don’t speak much deep

Cause its hard to talk for me

Because you know my wild side

Only you know how far I can even get

Because only you can sense

When I become indifferent

It has been you

And no one else

I know it’s going to be tough

But dear, you’re not alone in this

Do not fear

Because whatever the up or down is

We have to face it together

Cause it started together

So does it will go on

No one can predict the future

No me, no you, no newspaper

Death is out of bounds you see

It would be too easy escape

May be I was born weak

When I thought of easy escapes in childhood

But I think, I’m strong enough

To have faith in us

That’s why I’ll always keep waiting

May be God’s plan is still working

May be everything will turn around for best of all

Till then, I’m waiting by the fall

Yah! I think and dream

Like a movie

Or a novel

Where you and I becomes us

Where the roots of our trees get joined

And where we sit

Under the stars

In each others arms

In our own place

Peaceful and happy

Our dog running around

The sunrise and the sunsets with you

I would cook learning from XD

I would dance with you

I would sing the whole day

Like it would be so blissful and gay (happy)

But for now.

I’ll take a deep breath

I’m stop writing here

But the thoughts are still brewing

Still heavy on my mind

We don’t know how it’s going to work in future

I guess, we’ll figure it out eventually

Let it take time

So for now, I big token of love

For you

Remember me in your dreams

And never let me go

Because I want you to hold me close

Wherever you go even in your dream



I am a believer of DESTINY

I read the books like Twilight and Harry Potter earlier

Wishing something Magical and adventurous LOVE

I always admired Edward and Snape

for their self-less love and stake

for the unconditional faith they had on their own love

these characters made me crave for same

I never imagined I would ever love someone like this

I never thought that anyone could love me

Because for people I was the shy, the Nerdy girl

But then you came in my life<3

My whole world was upside down

whatever I believed ,that seemed impossible for me I did

I never trusted Jacob’s intentions

I never fully understood Snape enough

I could never have understood Bella enough

Till I met you

Now, I know what Jacob must have felt when he saw his love

I know Snape’s shares of regrets that he must have confessed

because I’m your Jacob , Bella

because I’m you Snape, Lily

I am never gonna leave you hurting

I know you love me too

but I know ,whom you can’t live without

I would have imagined a million times

we growing older

our kids and our families

a part of each other

living in this fantasy I once slipped too

when my uncle asked what’s your full name

although unintentionally , I was going to say your’s half name

But I shut my mouth tight , so that no one could ever know what I think

I am a believer of destiny

Destiny made us meet by chance

our different worlds collided in one

we fell in love

I rest my patience in your love and this destiny

May be not ,we are meant to be

But may be we are

We can’t predict the future, although I know it’s already fixed

But I want to cherish you every single day I have got to keep with you

I may get Jealous of people you like or notice

but deep down I know instantly you love me too

That makes me Happy , that makes me satisfied

I know I’m not great anything

But you consider me makes me bold

bold enough that you’d think that I show you attitude

but deep down it’s just a girl throwing tantrums

wanting you to show your love and care

Because whenever you seem distant

my heart yelps

Whenever you are sad

my eyes twitch

that something is wrong with me too

That’s why I know

That definitely you are my LILY

Because , no matter what

I’m gonna remain the same

Because I can’t see you hurt

Because it does matters to me

because you are my priority

because you are before me.