My light

I just remembered

How you held me from the back

When I was washing our dishes

How satisfying that feeling was

How we wasted all our food XD

How you held me tight

And close, to you

How the feeling of this cold was gone

Right in your warmth, in you

I wish I could have seized that moment

Would have looked in the mirror

Would have captured in a photograph

How you hands were folded on my stomach

And how your chin rested on my shoulders

How you managed to compensate my height

And how you curve your spine

Just to be mine

All those memories flipping in my eyes

Right now

These diwali lights are around

But my happy place is incomplete

I wish to see these lights with you

To look up and smile

To enjoy the little things in life

Oh god! I think I’m so crazy

And I know I am

Thank you for tolerating me

And a very happy diwali

I hope, one day,

We’ll celebrate it together

Looking right above the sky

Where the lights will meet the dark

Making every night bliss and wonderful



Hey love!

I know it’s been only few hours.. A day.

Whatever you may say..

That we’ve met,

but I really feel so incomplete.

I thought this feel will rest when I get back home,

a part of me is missing..

I’m home but I miss you every minute

Okay, I know, you can’t be available every time, I understand…

Even when you travel.. This

Internet sucks..

But I don’t know what to say, I just feel a little lost today.
I think about you..

Seeing your pic makes me wanna cry.. That I want you for real
I don’t know what I’m writing.
I don’t know when you’re gonna see this message..

May be till then you’ve been slept..
I know it’s not been a while.. Its just the start of holidays.

But I’m mad you know.

It feels like one of the longest day

That I have not heard your voice

Not seen you eyes in sunshine

Not hold your hand tight

Not prayed with you before we eat

Not laughed my ass out on some stupid joke

Not been in your fragrance to embrace

It feels like, I should just call you once now

To speak with you any bullshit

To hear you laugh in the middle of the mess

A part of me

I have left within you now!

Which is always going to be with you

A part of me.

It’s not necessary to give a title

To this poem or things we feel

My cheeks are still red.

My eyes brimming with love

My hairs still messy

My heart still beating fast

If I would tell you

The things I feel

If I would show you

That every word you say

Matters to me

If I would say

That yes I understand you

And I understand myself too

As a third person perspective

But as first person view it seems different

If I would show you

The little things you do to me

That make me so happy

Make my day even night

The things you say, you notice

You’d think it too cheesy

If I would ever open my mouth

To speak something I think

But I can’t continue

Then it’s really an emotional thing for me

Which I could continue if I would apply breaks

Or will Continued with the fall of drops

If I would be you I’ll still be amazed

Life is so confusing

But at the same time

I love who I am

I love the way you are

I love the way we are

I love everything with you

And there’s nothing without you I know

Because you know the deepest corner of my heart

Although I don’t speak much deep

Cause its hard to talk for me

Because you know my wild side

Only you know how far I can even get

Because only you can sense

When I become indifferent

It has been you

And no one else

I know it’s going to be tough

But dear, you’re not alone in this

Do not fear

Because whatever the up or down is

We have to face it together

Cause it started together

So does it will go on

No one can predict the future

No me, no you, no newspaper

Death is out of bounds you see

It would be too easy escape

May be I was born weak

When I thought of easy escapes in childhood

But I think, I’m strong enough

To have faith in us

That’s why I’ll always keep waiting

May be God’s plan is still working

May be everything will turn around for best of all

Till then, I’m waiting by the fall

Yah! I think and dream

Like a movie

Or a novel

Where you and I becomes us

Where the roots of our trees get joined

And where we sit

Under the stars

In each others arms

In our own place

Peaceful and happy

Our dog running around

The sunrise and the sunsets with you

I would cook learning from XD

I would dance with you

I would sing the whole day

Like it would be so blissful and gay (happy)

But for now.

I’ll take a deep breath

I’m stop writing here

But the thoughts are still brewing

Still heavy on my mind

We don’t know how it’s going to work in future

I guess, we’ll figure it out eventually

Let it take time

So for now, I big token of love

For you

Remember me in your dreams

And never let me go

Because I want you to hold me close

Wherever you go even in your dream



I am a believer of DESTINY

I read the books like Twilight and Harry Potter earlier

Wishing something Magical and adventurous LOVE

I always admired Edward and Snape

for their self-less love and stake

for the unconditional faith they had on their own love

these characters made me crave for same

I never imagined I would ever love someone like this

I never thought that anyone could love me

Because for people I was the shy, the Nerdy girl

But then you came in my life<3

My whole world was upside down

whatever I believed ,that seemed impossible for me I did

I never trusted Jacob’s intentions

I never fully understood Snape enough

I could never have understood Bella enough

Till I met you

Now, I know what Jacob must have felt when he saw his love

I know Snape’s shares of regrets that he must have confessed

because I’m your Jacob , Bella

because I’m you Snape, Lily

I am never gonna leave you hurting

I know you love me too

but I know ,whom you can’t live without

I would have imagined a million times

we growing older

our kids and our families

a part of each other

living in this fantasy I once slipped too

when my uncle asked what’s your full name

although unintentionally , I was going to say your’s half name

But I shut my mouth tight , so that no one could ever know what I think

I am a believer of destiny

Destiny made us meet by chance

our different worlds collided in one

we fell in love

I rest my patience in your love and this destiny

May be not ,we are meant to be

But may be we are

We can’t predict the future, although I know it’s already fixed

But I want to cherish you every single day I have got to keep with you

I may get Jealous of people you like or notice

but deep down I know instantly you love me too

That makes me Happy , that makes me satisfied

I know I’m not great anything

But you consider me makes me bold

bold enough that you’d think that I show you attitude

but deep down it’s just a girl throwing tantrums

wanting you to show your love and care

Because whenever you seem distant

my heart yelps

Whenever you are sad

my eyes twitch

that something is wrong with me too

That’s why I know

That definitely you are my LILY

Because , no matter what

I’m gonna remain the same

Because I can’t see you hurt

Because it does matters to me

because you are my priority

because you are before me.


I have seen people lingering in the dark

I have seen the wanting of companion to share

Your every thought, ridiculous or not

Your pain, tears, your laughter

Care, love, and friendship

I have seen people craving for things

We as humans, crave for things we don’t have already

And ignore what we have at present

I too am, same

When I see and feel such people say things

I feel I’m blessed to have you

By my side, as a WALL.

Your presence keeps the dark side away

Sometimes my monsters run but they are locked engraved

Everything seems alright when I have you as my WALL

Knowing that I have the one, who I could share my fears

My happiness, my tears

My loss, my gain

My stories and some pj’s XD

I love how you do little things for me

I love how you look at me

And then my fears become non- existent

And you become the only one I could see.



Pretty things

The smooth breeze
Which follows you
Swinging your hair

The sweet sunshine
Which is above you
Makes you glow internally

Your breathtaking voice
Childish and husky
I’d fall again and again for

Yes I got no chill
When you appreciate someone else
But I totally know
You are genuinely saying
When you do

You are the straw
And I’m the Berry
You are the subject
And my words are poetry

Your smile, is what I want
Your touch, is what I like
Your love, is what I love
And your heart, is what I care for
Rest, resides in peace.


I’ll tell you
Our confusions on what we are going to eat
Your irritation when I click a pic
Or mine, when you take it weird
You know when to do the right
You acted like a hero when you stopped those auto
Stepping in front that no one moves
And I acting dumb like what to do
Leaving the last sip of the shake
Or the bite of chicken biryani
Knowing that something is wrong
By only listening my voice
You really observe everything
You really do
Are baba ji!!! you know everything
And I have never said a word
Consciously that is not right
I was not bragging when I said
You changed me
I know it’s for good definitely
Because I have seen you in hard times
I have seen you brave
That inspires me
I have seen how you care
I have seen you close
Your scars, I love them too
Yes, you know this
You know me better then myself
You know me better than the people I call my best friends
And I’m really disappointed with myself
I’m really
I never meant what I said that night
It was mere frustration
It will never happen again
That’s a promise to myself
But please, don’t you act like this
Please, be your normal self
Laugh with me
Talk with me with the spirit we hold
Ignore my wrong deeds if you can
I know I have hurt you
But please let me make it up to you
Listen please, don’t go away.
I know I can’t reverse the time
But let me make today and tomorrows
Worth the while!
So that we could laugh again without a heavy heart
So that we could share again
Openly that we used to do
If just you could
Please I want my rashi back
So that I could share my weird dreams of what we did together
So that I could crack those pj’s again
And laugh knowing you wouldn’t still I’ll not stop
But till you say, that, yes it’s OK…
My heart will remain heavy
So please lift it
Please let me make it up to you


What is life? πŸ€”

Life is an everlasting experiment
You suffer good and bad
You may cross Crossroads
You may get delusional
You may experience hurt
You may experience choice
You may experience happiness
You may experience the experiment
Its just an experiment which will last one day
That one day, what will you remember?
Make your experience like what you want
Its solely your choice
Because no one can influence you but yourself
Its your life, your experience
Make it worth and satisfying
I wish everyone remains happy with their paths. That’s all I want.
Because no one will remember you, but me
Because if everyone leaves stand by you but I’ll be there
May be you won’t believe, I have fought my battles too
We could wait for another life
If that what destiny is

But I’m not a type of easy accept

I’ll try to change my destiny if I get

But stop your hurt and be happy
Because that’s what makes me happy.

Because baby if you consider me your friend

Than I’ll be it

I have tried myself again and again.

I’ll try being yours too, I know I can do

Don’t blame yourself for things out of control

Its not me not you just the time in that row

Now, when we are ahead of it

We’ll well figure out the rest

Its all in the night’s blackness

Where this magic resides

Time will abide

And things will go right

We are just missing pieces of a puzzle

Trying to figure out the correct one

Though we can’t,? I know it’s hard

Then too life is individual

Sometimes lone time is best

Sometimes lone time becomes disturbing.

You are good at hiding

But I’m good at reflecting

I can be practical at once

I can be emotional fool at the other second

Depends on what situation I’m in

So let’s just flow in this river of time.

Lets see where it takes

Whether we’ll sediment or we’ll end up in sea

Let’s just take the ride of this experiment

Because you got a life!


Let me

I find my happiness with you
I found my love for you
I found a passion within
Which ignites like a fire with you
Your sweet face, I could stare all day
Your composed smile makes you look mature
But I found the innocence in your naughty ways
I found your heart, made a little space
For me in it
I found you in unimaginable way
Now, I’ll not let go the hold on your hand
I’ll cross the small spaces and jump for the fact
To hold you tight and close
We can be the equals
For pain, for pleasure
We are the equals
For hurt and love
Let me share you world
And I have already shared mine
You are my glasses which redefine
The world I see around me
So let me be your words that comes out of your mouth
Let you be my choice, the best one I have ever made
We will be the water that flows
Over the obstacles non stopping potential
Let the universe decide the destiny
And the karma is in our hands. πŸ™‚

Never changing

You didn’t mind my bears belly
Or the enormous rabbit teeth, I have
You make me feel the short child
You think and care like a parent does
Not like others, who’d broken my trust
You are deep and meaningful in the core
And your any touch
Whether it’s your hug or holding hands
Makes me feel I’m different
Makes me happier
Makes me alive and smile and laugh and talk and sing and cry because of loads of emotions
I try every Time to make you feel the same
But somehow I have list of failed attempts
But then you smile and bring yourself
To finish the unfinished business left
Making you more and more in my eyes
I love everything about you
Negatives- positives everything
Because its you
I feel I’m special
Because you! You saw me
You see things in me that no one do.