I’ll tell you
Our confusions on what we are going to eat
Your irritation when I click a pic
Or mine, when you take it weird
You know when to do the right
You acted like a hero when you stopped those auto
Stepping in front that no one moves
And I acting dumb like what to do
Leaving the last sip of the shake
Or the bite of chicken biryani
Knowing that something is wrong
By only listening my voice
You really observe everything
You really do
Are baba ji!!! you know everything
And I have never said a word
Consciously that is not right
I was not bragging when I said
You changed me
I know it’s for good definitely
Because I have seen you in hard times
I have seen you brave
That inspires me
I have seen how you care
I have seen you close
Your scars, I love them too
Yes, you know this
You know me better then myself
You know me better than the people I call my best friends
And I’m really disappointed with myself
I’m really
I never meant what I said that night
It was mere frustration
It will never happen again
That’s a promise to myself
But please, don’t you act like this
Please, be your normal self
Laugh with me
Talk with me with the spirit we hold
Ignore my wrong deeds if you can
I know I have hurt you
But please let me make it up to you
Listen please, don’t go away.
I know I can’t reverse the time
But let me make today and tomorrows
Worth the while!
So that we could laugh again without a heavy heart
So that we could share again
Openly that we used to do
If just you could
Please I want my rashi back
So that I could share my weird dreams of what we did together
So that I could crack those pj’s again
And laugh knowing you wouldn’t still I’ll not stop
But till you say, that, yes it’s OK…
My heart will remain heavy
So please lift it
Please let me make it up to you



What is life? πŸ€”

Life is an everlasting experiment
You suffer good and bad
You may cross Crossroads
You may get delusional
You may experience hurt
You may experience choice
You may experience happiness
You may experience the experiment
Its just an experiment which will last one day
That one day, what will you remember?
Make your experience like what you want
Its solely your choice
Because no one can influence you but yourself
Its your life, your experience
Make it worth and satisfying
I wish everyone remains happy with their paths. That’s all I want.
Because no one will remember you, but me
Because if everyone leaves stand by you but I’ll be there
May be you won’t believe, I have fought my battles too
We could wait for another life
If that what destiny is

But I’m not a type of easy accept

I’ll try to change my destiny if I get

But stop your hurt and be happy
Because that’s what makes me happy.

Because baby if you consider me your friend

Than I’ll be it

I have tried myself again and again.

I’ll try being yours too, I know I can do

Don’t blame yourself for things out of control

Its not me not you just the time in that row

Now, when we are ahead of it

We’ll well figure out the rest

Its all in the night’s blackness

Where this magic resides

Time will abide

And things will go right

We are just missing pieces of a puzzle

Trying to figure out the correct one

Though we can’t,? I know it’s hard

Then too life is individual

Sometimes lone time is best

Sometimes lone time becomes disturbing.

You are good at hiding

But I’m good at reflecting

I can be practical at once

I can be emotional fool at the other second

Depends on what situation I’m in

So let’s just flow in this river of time.

Lets see where it takes

Whether we’ll sediment or we’ll end up in sea

Let’s just take the ride of this experiment

Because you got a life!


Let me

I find my happiness with you
I found my love for you
I found a passion within
Which ignites like a fire with you
Your sweet face, I could stare all day
Your composed smile makes you look mature
But I found the innocence in your naughty ways
I found your heart, made a little space
For me in it
I found you in unimaginable way
Now, I’ll not let go the hold on your hand
I’ll cross the small spaces and jump for the fact
To hold you tight and close
We can be the equals
For pain, for pleasure
We are the equals
For hurt and love
Let me share you world
And I have already shared mine
You are my glasses which redefine
The world I see around me
So let me be your words that comes out of your mouth
Let you be my choice, the best one I have ever made
We will be the water that flows
Over the obstacles non stopping potential
Let the universe decide the destiny
And the karma is in our hands. πŸ™‚

Never changing

You didn’t mind my bears belly
Or the enormous rabbit teeth, I have
You make me feel the short child
You think and care like a parent does
Not like others, who’d broken my trust
You are deep and meaningful in the core
And your any touch
Whether it’s your hug or holding hands
Makes me feel I’m different
Makes me happier
Makes me alive and smile and laugh and talk and sing and cry because of loads of emotions
I try every Time to make you feel the same
But somehow I have list of failed attempts
But then you smile and bring yourself
To finish the unfinished business left
Making you more and more in my eyes
I love everything about you
Negatives- positives everything
Because its you
I feel I’m special
Because you! You saw me
You see things in me that no one do.

I’m coming

I’m coming flying with the balloons
I’m coming sailing in winds, you’ll never know
I’ll slip beside you, flick your hairs up
I’ll come drowning in waters
Bring waves of cloudy fog
I assure you they are very light
They’ll adsorbed anything they’ll float on
Whether it waters or your water
I’ll come behind you like a squirrel
Soft and sound paws I have
You’ll never hear me come
Chasing you till I can
I’ll come in the grey clouds
I’ll come heavy
Like the rain drop on your ears
I’ll come like a flying parrot
Will appear green but black when I go away
I’ll fade out in black and grey
I’ll come like whisper you never uttered
I’m coming flying with the balloons
I will.

You β™₯️

And I was just looking for wrong thing in the wrong time
I’ll tell you the truth no lies
I thought I craved you
Your voice
Your skin
Your touch
Your talks
But tonight I felt it was all the way wrong
I was seeing our pictures
The videos we made in last year
All the memories happy and sad
Flashed back in my heart
I cried, missing you
Like I’m loosing you, but I was wrong
I know you love me but it’s hard to show
Then I saw our videos
When I teased you to look at the camera
And you just shun me by taking it off
The real smile your lips curve at
The happy lines on your face
The brightness of the crinkling eyes
And that moustache spread on that smile
That laughter when your breath comes shallow
When we just run away to steal your picture
That innocent look in your mature face
That I discovered
That child who needs rest
And a little less burden from the shoulders
Yes! I discovered that child in you those times
You were giddy you were happy
I was wrong
I don’t miss you
Coz, your are always in here
In my mind, in my heart
I don’t miss you
Because people are missed when they are gone
And you’ll remain in me always
Let it be the first and last mark on my knee of your nail
I finally found what I was craving these restless nights and days
Guess what it was ‘you’
The other part
The happy, the innocent and free one
I miss him
Though I can’t say to shake it off
You have responsibilities to do
And I totally support you.
You have to take care
Of the person, who made you walk first
Who’s life deed was to build you strong
And now he needs you
And I believe father will be as strong
As he was when you took your first steps
But not now, he needs rest
You know it all, already, nothing new
But things I forgot
I have reminded myself too
We have had beautiful beautiful times
Locked memories in these videos
And in these dark moments too
I am always closer to you
When I saw the then n now
Pic you send
The dark under eye, the sad look
On your face made me die
I’ll try
Try to make you strong
I don’t know how, I don’t know if I can
Possibly ruin it all
But what I think is what I write
I am desperately waiting for a happy fall
When everything gets settled and fit
Uncle gets cured and you’ll be tranquil
I’ll be waiting till that time
Staying all the way through it
With you
To bring back my
Happy youβ™₯️


Moving away from home
From all the protection and love
From mother’s sweet arms
From father’s secure shadow over
You moved to a place unknown
Just with a moto to grow
You adjusted, you started to live new
New friends new environment
But lately it dawned on
That you are not good enough
Not good enough to be pride in eyes
Of the caring parents you have
Not good enough to make your own future
Considering yourself depressed
About the failures you are facing
That you can’t do the things coming
That you can’t overcome that guilty feelings
Of wasted times you had to study
Tired of the tough competition
Yes.. All things.. I know
Coz I have been through the same
Considering myself useless
To the point that I didn’t needed anyone anymore
Tried to keep myself isolated
From everyone
But listen me.. Hear me my friend
It had not been the same every day after
It changes.. Time changes
Its just a phase
Just a phase.. A difficult one but it is
It shall pass.. You’ll go on
And I assure you
You will be happy and confident again
You will get the satisfaction that you want
Just a little time for yourself is what you need
Just think of people who care about you
Just consider how lucky you are to have them
Never give up!
Try! Try till you can
Ups and downs make this life
I know it’s steep downhill right now
But there will be a clear plateau visible after a time
You should think positive
Try to be happy with what you get
Because deep inside we all know
What we get is what we reap..
So do not loose hope
You will fight it over
You will come out in flying colours
You’ll fly high



I’m a foolish girl I know
But still want to express
Because it’s better late than never
What I shouldn’t do
I’m writing a verse
To appraise you
To show how much I
You entered my life
Brought thousands of lights
Some lights were dark
Bleak truth was hard
But some lights were power
Beauty with persona
Making me bright and higher
These lights from your eyes
Emit when you blink I see
The lights of your smell
I could feel every week
The static that my heart encounters
Whenever you’re near
I know I shouldn’t
But I do……
Every time you smile
Sets butterflies to my stomach
Every time you share
Makes me understand you more
Every time you ignore
Breaks me down to knee
Every single word you say
Has its own
worth for me
The way you walk
The way you talk
The way you just signal me for something
Is that different?
Because I can’t ignore
But observe your every feel
I don’t think I should get deeper
But I’m already a hundred miles underneath
I can’t just resurface
And I don’t think I want to either
I loved the crooked ways earlier
I love any way that we are together
I understand your every misery
You do things to make me happy
I know, I know but sometimes I can’t
Control these fleeting feelings
I shouldn’t
I shouldn’t feel this way
We know what happened in these winter breaks
But I feel, I feel always
ALWAYS, a magical word as is
Will remain in heart as love
For you
This is first time I’m writing for someone
This valentine
Be my half valentine
Know.. Its not possible.
But I have the freedom to dream!
I think of you in ways you will never know
When your eyelashes batter
Or you roll your sleeves up of sweater
Tapping all the way to release your anxiety
Setting your hair in a style
I am not a good observer
As you are definitely
But when I observe
The littlest things appears alive
Like you shift your seat
Sets an electric waves to signal me to change
Like I’m a satellite
To your sun
But I know I shouldn’t think this way
But damn!
I don’t care
And seriously don’t want to give a fuck
Because for what and whom I feel
I do care
I’ll love you
When you’ll not
Like the stars still shines bright
In the broad daylight
Just not observe enough to see
In the blazing sunlight
I’m a star hidden in your side
Discover me
I know you already have
But you don’t know this star’s strength inside
You’ve only seen the outer bright
There are many actions
And words
Full of love
That I could write endlessly
Like how pretty the colour of your skin is
How every time I notice your soft lips
Like how your finger nails are under your skin
Smooth and shining like small diamond within
Like how your voice sounds when you’re asleep
How you say my name
Sets me freak
You would have noticed
If not
That I rarely say your name aloud
Because it’s easier to think even
But to say
Your name only sets a fire
How could I ignore this
These all things I see
Like how your leg touches mine
How your soft hands glides
Like my skin has turned in ice
Oh! There thousands of reasons
And things that I can write
But have to give it a stop
Because I shouldn’t right?
But I remember the moments
Crystal clear imprinted in my mind
I remember how your beard felt
When I kissed you on your ear
What I felt is rooted in my heart
When your lips were just close
And you crossed that distance and broke
All the shy walls I had earlier
How I single handedly hugged you and ran
Too shy I was and am
Looking in your eyes Could make me blush
This is the power you had
I never wanted this to end
Look, I had no problem
As I said earlier
You say it would be hard but
Be my half valentine
I don’t care myself
I am big enough to handle myself
But I’m afraid
That you don’t want it to be this way
Because I know you are serious guy
And this is a wrong way
You are a wave trying to reach both bays
You chose to be loyal
And I respect
You have your choices
I have made mine
Its your time
Whether you want or not
I’ll think of you always
Even though your not mine
Thank you for letting me know myself
Thank you for the love you showed me in your different ways
I know you don’t have ideas to express much
But trust me on this
I have always meant what you said by heart
I really believe you with your every single word
Yah.. Sometimes tides arrive.. Don’t they?
Something get shattered
but it’s repairable always
Tides come and go
For what we should focus
Is our goal
My goal is clear the more I think
Please don’t take me wrong
But it’s not that I’m getting addicted to you
Because you’re the sun now
That sets the morning
Which ends the day
I’m not addicted to you
You are simply a part of me in this way
Which I cannot dare separate
These lines may seem difficult for you
Because I know.. Yes.. I know
You try hard too
You are exhausted up with both ends
I just want to see you happy
Do what you want
I never expect of you to do the same
Its just me and my feelings written
Never let it bring a resentment in your face
Never let yourself fade away
My greatest friend, my love.. (I shouldn’t.. But I never got a chance to say)!
Be happy
That’s what I want for you
That’s all I pray
Don’t fray away in your wild other thoughts
Don’t think things you don’t want
But make sure you remember
That I’m counting on you in my future
At least as my greatest friend if not half
Sorry its been a long poem
But I can write still more
My pen will bleed but my feelings not o’er
What to do when I’m bored
I have never really expressed myself
I wanted, but I lost my time back
May be I shouldn’t now but already had said
Because it’s better late than never
This is a verse which will never fade
Coz it’s written in my poetic way
Always.. When I’m not near and you want my presence
You could read it and feel it inside
Its never gonna die coz
Immortal are my words that I feel
Uh oh I’m a foolish girl
What I can say
Be happy


A little apology

Hi my friends and people out there following me through this blog..

Here is an apology for you all… I know.. I have not been active these days mostly… Speaking the truth.. I haven’t read any posts from anyone of you… And so don’t expect you all to read mine… Because all we do is what we get.. I’m sorry that I have not being writing regularly nowadays… But I can see.. People are following me even though I’m not writing.. Thank you everyone.. For your considerate comments and criticism I got till now.. I’m thinking to close this blog… May be.. I’m not sure.. I am not able to keep up with everything I have.. Something has to be left to start something new.. Thank you.. And I hope to hear from you all..

Goodbyes for now πŸ™‚πŸ–οΈ