Somewhere in someone’s mind 

There’s tension for loan paying

Getting tired easily, mind sweeping

Days botch, air heavy to breath in

Somewhere in someone’s eyes

There are dreams a million

Abandoned thoughts in process 

And a sky twinkling dark blue

Somewhere in someone’s face 

There are distant emotions 

Far to trace

Deputized expression, will anyone gaze?

Somewhere in someone’s hands

There is future to build 

Either learning or working

Is their pain nothing of parity?

Somewhere in someone’s run

Legs accustomed for the hunch

Running all the way, day and night

Would it be even admired by the right? 

Somewhere in someone’s heart 

There is a guffaw and a past

Radiating carnelian to all

Can squeeze more, to glue them all

31 Replies to “Somewhere…”

      1. Yup….#AGREED …I know dea….. Even i stuck little harder while penning down…. Feelings are waves of ocean 😊…

        Liked by 1 person

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