You entered my life
With a dark past
But you had a light heart

I felt your hands and feelings emerged
Tingling me to fear
To loose you or to grip you

Left me too my own devices
And now I’m craving after all these crises
Crises in my mind…

Of what is wrong
But this feels so right to do the wrong
You are the balm of my shaking hands

You make me high with your every touch
When our lips touched first
My heart raced and succumbed

It is doped with the love of yours
And now all I can do is wait
For the time is biggest treasure

I’ll give you my all
Will trust with every single word
Still sometimes I want to hurry

But I know and hope so
You will do right in time
Till then let us set free from all the Chaos 

And give ourselves to these

(Let me know your thoughts about my poems and like.☺️)



Succumb in constant threats 

Head doped with nasty amess 

Always livin fear 

But the smile plastered 

The jolly nature 

All is painted pain

All is plastered fake 

Keeping the calm always in need

Showing help in every deed 

It’s so easy to understand 

But the plastered smile is hard to tear 

It is all but painted pain

Can’t be washed in simple rain 

It needs may be an open jar

To fill to the brim with what worth left 

So that someone can bring the treasure back 

Wait will await till the day 

Painted pain gets washed out with rain 

Hey friends and fellow readers…  Sorry I’m inactive these days..  I glad y’all still read my post and appreciate it….  I’m obliged!  I’ll try to post more frequently.


(image source – my friend’s photography account.. Do take a look guys!..


There is light with the dark 

You stand by my side like a star 

Only thing with us is silence 

This SILENCE creats walls 

This SILENCE makes us close 

This SILENCE is a power

But my questions have only silence 

Cause your answer is without voice 

Your silence is my love 

Cause love need no words.. 

This dark gets lit 

When your silence feel is with me… 

I guess this is a confused poetry.. I myself can’t understand it.. .. Well let me know what you all think.. Tada!! 😉

Unpredictable feelings 

Pulling a chair for me, 

With a gentle bow. 

Whereas I din’t cared if he is low 

Through our friendly conversations got to know 

The skills and talents he approached 

But dumb as I am

Happy in my own world

Forgot everything he told 

He said he is a serious guy 

And I took it in a laugh 

But when I just started to check his profile 

He showed me new dimensions 

His sense of capture 

His sketches people following after 

Wondering..  What a great fool I was

To consider him just my lab patner 

Awed and surprisingly I found 

It’s too early to state that on the ground

And now I have started noticing 

The small and free smile of him 

Though he considers himself serious 

But may be he can be carefree around me

I’m a very different person 

I’m not passionate enough to do a thing 

But he is such a guy

To enhance every nerve within 

Is it possible.. What I’m thinking.. 

Or I’m just dreaming stuff? 

Again I don’t know what to do 

Just let the pieces fall there self 

As the time continues. 


( cappella- sung without instrumental accompaniment) 

Freezing wind brought a song 

Non of chords and no words

Only an enchanted sound of love

Magical and destructive,  

Aura sceptical 

Blessing the soul that  heard 

The loving mistry carved a song 

Named CAPPELLA of the tone of trust….. 
Hola guys!  I hope everything is going good in your lives…  I am happy to share that I have started my college..  That’s a reason for my unpredictable approach on WordPress nowadays….   The pic I have used in this post is from my college campus..  Hope you guys like it there.. Tada..!! ❤️😄😄


I have been  away for so longgg from WordPress!!  Have reasons enough though..  People who must have been waiting for the story..  I regret to share that I will not be able to start it…  May be after things settle around.. In my life..  

Here comes a short poem for my friends.. 

Make happy days ahead 

Go far but do not forget the rest 

Yes,  may be the little bond we had will turn fade

Or will uphold the roots till the days

But who can see the future?  Who can see the end?  

Whatever the course we have taken 

Will lead us to our fate 

I dearly hope,  that you are in that future 

Coz,  the past we made is a source of lure

We had our misunderstandings

We had our trust 

Fighting against the sea

But our boat does never rust 

‘gain hope to see you forever in my fate 

MY FRIENDS all are mine and divine.

May be… A teenager’s feeling

Yeah! I have started to smile alone
I have changed.

Isn’t it weird? My face gives radiant glow.

Whenever I see your text

How my heart swings, when you ask me about my crush?

And I try to say ..

It’s you... But I can’t share..

Afraid, to loose this fresh trail

Got to know you more by our convo

You are still stuck over your ex

I feel your care and love for her

Bounded are now,

My feelings for you

Just trying to be a good friend of you

May be one day, you’ll find what you want

May be one day, I’ll find what I want..

But for now and every time we are together

Remember that I’m for you! Ever and ever…

Like a friend or a lover… 

I hope we never get it over… 

Liebster award nomination

Well, I can’t speak German.. First of all…. According to internet, liebster is a german word means- darling, lovely..etc…So, a big big big big big (5/5haha….)

thanks to 
Nathprasad Dhanawat,


They both are great bloggers! Write amazing in simple and sweet note. Please!! If you are reading then visit their blogs too!!  Sorry Nathprasad and Shubham if you mind for the merged  post.

Now, the rules..

1) acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.

2)answer 11 questions the blogger gave to you.

3) give 11 random facts about yourself.

4) nominate 11 blogs

5) notify them.

6) give them 11 questions to answer.

So, 11 questions posed upon me by Nathprasad Dhanawat 

Q1) Supposed!! If you are doing deep sea diving and you noticed ANAKONDA  snake is going towards your friend, if you go to alert them you will be in danger, what will you do?

Ans) If ever I’m diving in deep sea .. So I’ll be wearing the necessary equipments… So there is a head- light type thing. And yes… I can’t reach her but definitely maje a signal for danger.

Q2) Which is your favourite place in the world ? Why?

Ans) Home. No explanation needed.

Q3) Which are your 3 wishes you want to do before you die?

Ans) well, I only have three wishes

  • To find true love . If ever..
  • To publish my book
  • To release my songs 

Q4)which are three languages you want to learn and speak?

Ans) Apart from Hindi, English, which I know, I want to learn

  • French
  • German
  • Latin

Q5) Your favourite writer?

Ans) Till this day, I have read at least 15 novels.. Or more idk.. But the very first.. That made me fall in love with literature was TWILIGHT SERIES by  Stephenie Meyer.

Q6) Have you ever tried to feed monkey with your own hands?

Ans) no need, the efficiently steal..

Q7) One bad thing you do which you know is bad?

Ans) Arguements 

Q8) One craziest thing you had done?

Ans) yes! Nitro ride in Imagica! First roller coaster ride…

Q9) Your favourite sport?

Ans) Cricket

Q10) Any suggestion regarding my blog?

Ans) yes, I have one. You can pick some words from dictionary randomly and use it in your post. They will make it more attractive. 

Q11) Why you became a blogger?

Ans) To test my skills.

Thanks Nathprasad!

Now!!! Shubham your awaited questions!! Get ready!

Q1) Mostly our ambitions change when we grow up. So, what was your ambition during childhood?

Ans) Very good question shubham! Well, I wanted to be a scientist. To invent a safe – small aeroplane for kids to ride..etc.. I was funny.

 Q2) Which phobia do you have?

Ans) I have alexithymia

Q3) Which Tv show you would like to act and which character?

Ans) I would love to be Frooti in Sonpari…

Q4) Lyrics that won your heart?

Ans) this is really a very good one! 

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I’ve done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. Don’t resent me, when your feeling empty. Keep me in your memory. Leave out all the rest

– Leave out all the rest

Q5) What is the first thing you would do if you were ruling the world?

Ans) I’ll go for a World tour.. Hahaha lol..

Q6) If you were forced to open a cake shop what would you name it?

Ans) bakery closed! Lol.. People would read and go.

Q7) What is one thing you regret having done?

Ans) not expressing myself clearly.

Q8) Which celebrity is your crush?

Ans) Drew Taggart… From chainsmokers

Q9) Junk foos that you don’t think you’ll ever give up?

Ans) French fries

Q10) What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Ans)  that.. “You have the sweetest voice I have ever heard” hahaha…

Q11) If you could wake up as somebody else,  who would it be?

Ans) my crush…( not drew taggart..) …hahaha lol…!!!!

So, that’s it Shubham! You chose great questions to ask! 

Again! Thanks Nathprasad and Shubham!…


Now! 11 random facts about me!

1) lazy

2) lazy

3) lazy

4) lazy

5) lazy

6) lazy

7) lazy

8) lazy

9) lazy

10) lazy

11) lazy

Hahaha !!!! Lol… I’m literally laziest person!! If you want to know random facts read the question and answers above .. Which you might have skipped…
Time for nominations!

  1. Shayra
  2. Adorn
  3. Avdhesh
  4. Shraddha
  5. Love it now
  6. Abhay
  7. Nusrath
  8. Sangabad
  9. Margret
  10. Piyush
  11. Brainy versatility

      My 11 questions for nominees are

      1. What action of a person you hate most?
      2. What is your favourite food?
      3. Do you believe in horoscope? Why?
      4. What inspires you to write?
      5. Your craziest moment?
      6. Your favourite line/ phrase from songs/ movies etc?
      7. Your best achievment?
      8. What best thing you like about my blog?
      9. Any suggestion to improve my blog?
      10. If you were taking your last breath and were granted some hours free with two options – What will you choose?
      • Spend last time with someone special
      • Get a big cushiony bed with pillows to sleep.

       11.  Why have you joined WordPress?

      That is all I had for you all! Bye! See you in next posts….( shraddha I’ll post your award soon )


      Let the volume up

      Let the ears ring

      With the melody of

      Your beating heart

      Let the hands applause

      For rigid creation 

      Of beautiful time that pass

      Let the tear flow

      Let emotions go

      All this is a phase….
      Let the volume up!

      Let everything drown 

      In the favourite song.

      Of your heart….
      ( it’s an instant poem I wrote when I saw the word volume… I know it’s not a good poem.. Anyways, I posted..)


      Somewhere in someone’s mind 

      There’s tension for loan paying

      Getting tired easily, mind sweeping

      Days botch, air heavy to breath in

      Somewhere in someone’s eyes

      There are dreams a million

      Abandoned thoughts in process 

      And a sky twinkling dark blue

      Somewhere in someone’s face 

      There are distant emotions 

      Far to trace

      Deputized expression, will anyone gaze?

      Somewhere in someone’s hands

      There is future to build 

      Either learning or working

      Is their pain nothing of parity?

      Somewhere in someone’s run

      Legs accustomed for the hunch

      Running all the way, day and night

      Would it be even admired by the right? 

      Somewhere in someone’s heart 

      There is a guffaw and a past

      Radiating carnelian to all

      Can squeeze more, to glue them all