Let the volume up

Let the ears ring

With the melody of

Your beating heart

Let the hands applause

For rigid creation 

Of beautiful time that pass

Let the tear flow

Let emotions go

All this is a phase….
Let the volume up!

Let everything drown 

In the favourite song.

Of your heart….
( it’s an instant poem I wrote when I saw the word volume… I know it’s not a good poem.. Anyways, I posted..)


36 Replies to “Volume”

      1. Complicated hindi song, mood ke uper se kafi song mil jate he. Last me radio to he hi. But i didnot like present bakwas song…dhame it.
        Song ke bol kuch aur hote he aur acting juch aur hoti he!

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      2. But song sunate hi wo lamhe yad aa jate he. Me to new movie dekhana bhi band kar diya he only sex,glamorous & overacting. Kya karate he ye log ….banate he har sal 1800 film but oscar me ek bhi nahi pahoch pati.

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  1. The most thing I like about your writing is the simplest best and shortest Content ever possible. It’s really nice that you just heard a single word and write a poem on it. I really wanted to have this feature in me.

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  2. A good one. sometimes writing in an impulse works. A few suggestions, if I may. “Let the hands applause” must be “Let the hands applaud” and “Of beautiful time that pass” must be “Of beautiful times that pass” or “Of beautiful time that passes”. I am also curious about what you mean by ‘rigid creation’. The phrase sounds interesting.


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