The inequality

We live in an independent country today

Where we have the right of speech and thoughts

Where we can do what we want, see what we want , without hurting others

But still there prevails a mentality

Where things that boys do, cannot be done by girls

Yes , infact it is true. They cannot

Boys can get slipped under provocation

But girls should remain good and ignorant

Boys can text dirty things

But if a girl even receives some, she is to be accused

Boys can do whatever they feel like in the moment loosing senses they should have control on!

But girls, I pity on them. They should be loyal and understanding and be silent.

But then boys regret it too.

But every action has a reaction as said by Einstein

And regretion will only make things worse

After a thing is done, is done

And it cannot be reversed nor it can be amended

The thing which can be is us

Girls, be more liberal

Don’t fear to talk to someone when you know your intentions

You know you were pure , and I believe you will be

And boys, please start curing your dark sides

Coz every time you are over that bridge

Something in us girls destroys

And when it is destroyed

it is hard to recover.

5 Replies to “The inequality”

  1. Hmmm… that perhaps is a reply to something experienced… it’s true to a large extent. For a lot who are in our circle of concern, We preach equality and our standards change from person to person. It’s quite a unbalanced society…

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