Surmounted by gray clouds

And the blemished grey hue

Overview was lull

Engraved is your name

On a grave wood

Celluloid could be reversed 

And can be played twice

But cold and grey reality 

Cannot be rewind

Apocalypse has arrived

Not for World, just for Two

Bleak is the World

Veracious, without you

( pic from google )

17 Replies to “The LOST”

  1. so i was just browsing through wordpress for poems, i came across humorous ones, sad once, poems on love. And this poem strangely struck me. It hit me hard. I loved it.thank you for sharing.

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      1. hi Pooja You are welcome. The funny bit is you posted it on my birthday. i myself am an amateur in the field of poetry pleased do visit my blog and follow if you think its worth.

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      2. It was your birthday! I should have posted something more positive and happy πŸ˜‚ thing.. I’m too amateur btw πŸ˜‚… Because, I have only started this in April… I visited your blog.. And it is great like i commented! Thanks

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