Was it a dream or nightmare?


We are the parallel edges of the scale, we are are the skew planes

Sometimes, our thoughts match but never on the same wavelength

Whether it’s a fight for the right or remote for TV time

Blame each other, may be like every brother and sister

Infuriated, I dreamt once… Or saw a nightmare, don’t know if I’m a dunce

Woke up, stretched around, I observed

Aeroplane, cars and micky were not shelved

Ask mom when she fixed my school lunch “Where is that idiot?” I asked bizzare 

“Who are you talking about?”

“Don’t I have a brother” asked excited

“No…. must have been dreaming” She said  surprised 

All the day went well.. Till I realized what was off the edge

Started missing the small interuptions, the fights for the rights and some

Stolen chocolates that I stole 

From his pocket but now he is gone

I have all this to myself… But can’t feel the right joy

May be, if I did’nt had those memories .. I would have liked to be single child 

But every moment alone is unbearable! To who will I share my secrets and why?

And as the internal conflict goes on .. Something starts tickling on my foot! Oww!!

As the morning light enters my eyes…. “Hahaha!! Evil morning pighead!”

“Oh God!! Why I’d open my eyes”

Don’t wanna live with this brother

A part of my brain shouted “ehh..but what about the dream”

And I’m stuck, would you unravel?

Was it a dream or a nightmare?


14 Replies to “Was it a dream or nightmare?”

  1. Dreams are real, but most of times, what is happening around us can be dreamt of sometimes. It can become a nightmare, if the experiences are unpalatable.

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