Imagination- the magic

Kudos to friends on WordPress! I’m so happy to get support from 100+ writers and readers!!! Love u all!!!!!!

Now just let my words sink in your brain. Following are some situations..

  • You are in a garden. Air has aroma of roses.. And it’s sunset time.. But then you feel the ground shaking below…​


  • You are driving your vehicle. And suddenly a boy out of nowhere comes in between…. You apply breaks and chilling realization occurs of break failure…

  • Walking down the street you see a pda couple …what a..?

Okay, so for now three situations are enough. Have you just had a visit to imaginary world? Imagination is such a magical thing!! Even if you are reading, sitting or doing anything, your brain can lead you that imaginary place… 

Do comment what you imagined in the above situations and what can happen further! May be we will have great fun reading everybody’s views…..

(Pics from google)

22 Replies to “Imagination- the magic”

  1. For the first one i got frustrated for being disturbed while admiring the beautiful sunset….second one – heart stopped at the break realization while i swerved the steering wheel madly to avoid running over the child without thinking if it was dangerous for me….for third one – well .. happy that someone found love for each other in these testing times!!

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  2. 1. Me to i stand up and loud’ bhookamp bhago.’ I face 2001 earthquake.
    2. Stop the car and give some bad word child’s parents.
    3. Moj kar len de bhaya… Ekdine me bhi ghumunga ese…bas pataka sath hona chahiye.

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