May be… A teenager’s feeling


Yeah! I have started to smile alone
I have changed.

Isn’t it weird? My face gives radiant glow.

Whenever I see your text

How my heart swings, when you ask me about my crush?

And I try to say ..

It’s you... But I can’t share..

Afraid, to loose this fresh trail

Got to know you more by our convo

You are still stuck over your ex

I feel your care and love for her

Bounded are now,

My feelings for you

Just trying to be a good friend of you

May be one day, you’ll find what you want

May be one day, I’ll find what I want..

But for now and every time we are together

Remember that I’m for you! Ever and ever…

Like a friend or a lover… 

I hope we never get it over… 

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