Dear readers….


I am going through roller coaster ride these day… And i know it’s not going to end till a month. These are the days that will decide my future.. And I really have to work hard and focus on my studies. That’s why you might not get a post from me…. But, don’t worry! I’ll be back again in JUNE to eat your head hahaha!!.. Hope, you had a wonderfull day! 



Surmounted by gray clouds

And the blemished grey hue

Overview was lull

Engraved is your name

On a grave wood

Celluloid could be reversed 

And can be played twice

But cold and grey reality 

Cannot be rewind

Apocalypse has arrived

Not for World, just for Two

Bleak is the World

Veracious, without you

( pic from google )

ALIEN PlanetΒ 

 Found a new alien planet

Outside my window 

Where gusty winds blew

Dust and dirt dominant

Ppm in ponds were high

Aquatic life on brim

Lungs of bird work hard 

Anytime, ready to burst 

Soil was high colloidal 

Mixed with artificial chemicals 

Trees were sparse 

Industries were wide

Yet, aliens living 

Were happy to say


They, you, me, we all

Are just aliens to this planet

The human is the person

Who will sustain living

Will understand the upcoming 

Of natural disasters man-made

And do, what he can in harmony

To save ‘Us’ and 

Our mother EARTH!

 ( pic from google )

Opaque wall


Being an introvert is so hard

To let know anyone your thoughts 

Can’t we burn the opaque walls?

That tend to break the connections with all

Being introvert is so tedious

Thousands of thoughts random in your head

But to say, only few

Feeling awkward for, what should I do?

Being introvert is so irate

You know and understand everyone

But you go unnoticed for your view

Ever been considered egoistic once?

That’s nor ego or shyness 

We are just introvert, you see?

Can’t burn the opaque walls in my head 

Untill and unless you see the real me.

(Pic from google)



 Normal as ever

We became friends

Hanging out, talking stuff

And I started to share my real world

To you and you were always cool

Yeah! We became best friends

I think, you thought that too

Day and night, everytime

Either chatting or on call

Not realizing, how close I got attached to you

But now, I wonder it was just me

You were never the one, I thought you to be

Still remember the day in our class

After recess, we’d to submit our task

You noticed that you had none

And I cried, blamed myself

Not to remind you, coz I was dumb

I always gave you trust I want

But nevertheless, you let me down

Now, we don’t talk much

Only short conversations jolt among us

And I observe this thing till now

That I’m the first to text Hello!

You never gave a damn about me

So now, this real turned fake friendship

Values nothing to me

The photographs I treasured are now in trash

Few kept, just to be intact

With you, to continue this faraway

Real cum Fake friendship with you!!





A road can be measured in lenght
Fleeing time can be measured in second 

Days can be measured in number

Is everything measurable?


Can fit in space-time graph?

Solutions are two, may be more, of what I asked

First, the  Feelings  you have

The little happiness and squirky laugh

Or the sadness of your heart

 Can’t be measured with a scale.  

Second, is our term forever

For few, it can end within days

But for some, it can be always 

Unmeasurable as they both are

 Give us most important meaning of our ‘vie’ .