A lovely blog award..

Kudos to guys n girls out there!!!!! My second nomination for award. A very big thanks to Shubham for nominating for this award, to think I deserve it! My two awards together yeaaaa!!!! Do check out his blog!!! He is amazing! Writes things that can touch your heart!😂😂 Now back to the rules..

Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.

They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.

Must add 7 facts about themselves.

Nominate 15 people to do the award!

The 7 random facts about me:

1) I loved That’s so Raven !!!! A lot

2) I don’t like chocolates.. I mean 1-2 pieces are enough..

3) I like listening songs .. Every genre depending on my mood

4) I hate when wifi signals are weak … Like now .. When I’m  trying to upload and it is just …….

5) I love to play badminton

6) I’m pure veggie

7) I’m not a good dancer, then too I like dancing!

So, now I’ll hear about my nominees


Simple Ula


Colors of my life
Carlo Rossi
Beka’s journal
Love it now
Neevey adu– ahmed

Seerat’s corner
La photographie
Many more to come… Many more to go… Just have a day.. Bright like a zircon!

The Versatile Award..

I would like to thank  Colors of my life for nominating me! Yeaaa it’s my first award nomination!😂😂! And which one… Versatile!!! Thanks a lot seriously!! 😂!!!! You should check this blog. It can help you with setting your objectives and doing them with all your determination. It’s a lovely blog!

Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 10 other bloggers and inform them about the nomination.

List 7 facts about yourself.

7 Facts about me..
1) I have alexathymia. Okay! Don’t think that I have some rare disease by this word… It’s just inability to  describe emotion in verbal manner. That’s why I’m here!! 

2) I am very lazy person. Can sleep upto 9-10 hrs… Don’t judge me..

3) I really love to sing.. Yea.. I have a good voice.

4) With singing, I have also started writing my own songs.. Thinking of posting them as well..

5) I hate.. And truly hate all reptiles, insects.. Spiders.. Lizards…snails… Worms.. All!

6)I also like to pass my time by painting.. Or watching some really interesting pranks on YouTube.

7) My first novel series that connected me to literature was Twilight! Really people thing it’s not that good.. Well I love it.

There is a longgggg list .. People who supported me from start.. People who inspire with their posts.. But, for now, my ten nominees are..

Fortunately Human
New Moon Plan
Brainy Versatility
chaos– xd

Prose and Portrait 

Dilkash shaiyari
Byluis 7

Don’t close your eyes

Don’t close your eyes

for the sake of your own
Let the sight gleam

through the light to your soul

The BRIGHTNESS will surpass 

the SHADOW you left

Everything glittering

Like a diamond in a jewel

WILL that matters 

Is in your hand

You can see the light 

Or the dark ends

Choose the beautiful

Choose the wise

and don’t close your eyes 

Till your last breath…

​- Poojan

Dear readers….

I am going through roller coaster ride these day… And i know it’s not going to end till a month. These are the days that will decide my future.. And I really have to work hard and focus on my studies. That’s why you might not get a post from me…. But, don’t worry! I’ll be back again in JUNE to eat your head hahaha!!.. Hope, you had a wonderfull day! 


Surmounted by gray clouds

And the blemished grey hue

Overview was lull

Engraved is your name

On a grave wood

Celluloid could be reversed 

And can be played twice

But cold and grey reality 

Cannot be rewind

Apocalypse has arrived

Not for World, just for Two

Bleak is the World

Veracious, without you


( pic from google )

ALIEN Planet 

 Found a new alien planet

Outside my window 

Where gusty winds blew

Dust and dirt dominant

Ppm in ponds were high

Aquatic life on brim

Lungs of bird work hard 

Anytime, ready to burst 

Soil was high colloidal 

Mixed with artificial chemicals 

Trees were sparse 

Industries were wide

Yet, aliens living 

Were happy to say


They, you, me, we all

Are just aliens to this planet

The human is the person

Who will sustain living

Will understand the upcoming 

Of natural disasters man-made

And do, what he can in harmony

To save ‘Us’ and 

Our mother EARTH! 


 ( pic from google )

Opaque wall

Being an introvert is so hard

To let know anyone your thoughts 

Can’t we burn the opaque walls?

That tend to break the connections with all

Being introvert is so tedious

Thousands of thoughts random in your head

But to say, only few

Feeling awkward for, what should I do?

Being introvert is so irate

You know and understand everyone

But you go unnoticed for your view

Ever been considered egoistic once?

That’s nor ego or shyness 

We are just introvert, you see?

Can’t burn the opaque walls in my head 

Untill and unless you see the real me.


(Pic from google)