Not Her cup of tea☕

She knows that she is now the reason for someone’s sleepless nights
And she accepts it, she was responsible
From very young, she always
Tried to please everyone around her
Her parents, her family, her friends
Even the uncle and aunts who you’d think
Why would they even matter
She would even go as far as to try to please a stranger
Say no more to hurt the other
She was that girl
That foolish too kind to be true girl
Who many had already taken advantage of
Now as she has grown up
It all has started making sense
She fights her old ways of pleasing
And has started to think for her self
But as to her it may be the best choices
For others it may be the most pain some
She stands smiling and talking to others
Knowing she has inflicted pain
Even if that someone is brutal to her
She would feel all the same
The guilty and a little sad for other
Some people are just toxic
She never thought of hurting others
But this destiny
Made her do so
Now in everyone’s eye she is a Buzzer
Of pain inflicting demonic person
But I feel she is happy
She is happy within
To the world she could be anything
She is  learning to throw other’s perspective in trash
And accept her as herself
And not by others feelings
She has to first live for herself
To support all the other lives that matter to her
And she knows
People who truly love her
Will always be by her side as she change
People might get hurt
But now it’s not her business to mind
Its just their cup of tea

Cause, you’ll not always be a good character in everyone’s story

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