Societal evils

You think that whistle would woo a girl
Standing in an alley
Alone in dark or under the empty skies?

Or in open day light ? In front of her work space?

You think that you would be too manly?
If you would harass her ?
You think you have rights to touch her?
Just because you are a man?

You could ask her name in drunken voice

Just because she works outside day and night?

Or if she is up late at night?

This gives you every right?
In this male dominant society
You are the king like the lion ?
So now could touch her in all the wrong places?

Destroying her dignity, her aspect of freedom she should enjoy

That doesn’t gives any pleasure to her

And you on heavy doses of weed and greed
Could rape her soul and burn the body

If she lives , she tries to hide
If she lives then also she dies
Of the torture the society gives
From the eyes they see her

If she dies, we die somewhere
Of the morality we claim,we loose somewhere

Parents give advices
Come early , and what not’S to do list
Why ?

Just because they or their mentality can’t change?

So follow them and keep your mouth shut
Because these men cannot satisfy their sexual needs on their own
They need to enforce it on other

So you keep quiet, girl!
Carry a paper spray
Cover your mouth
Come early
Wear cloth at every inch of your skin

If you get raped even then ..

May be the parents will understand
Rather than restricting the way girl carries herself

If people’s mentality changes ,then it’ll be a better place to live

Not, disregarding

our fathers,brothers ,boyfriends,husbands,uncles etc who we trust

But this nation has to understand
Don’t stop person
Stop that evil mentality
That leads to harrassments

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