Love – the supreme power
Love can be both, destructive as well as constructive.
All in all, it is the most supreme power you believe it or not.
Love is what you would die for or even make someone else die for it.
Love is as powerful to kill you even though you continue to live in your hollow body
Love could be the ever bloom that occurred to you, would change the meaning of life.
Love makes us fight together, hold together, and love together.
A mother’s love for her baby,
A father’s love for his kid
A brother – sister love
Lover’s love
Love for money
Love for position
Passionate love
Possessive love
Immature love
Unconditional love
Whatever you may call
But love has it roots all over us.
From our birth to the day we die, we carry the love we bear with us, leaving the traces behind the people we loved.

It is the driving force, rekindling hope within us.
It has the utmost power to shatter you to pieces at same time time make you feel at the top of the world.
Yes! It’s confusing ain’t it.
If you love, nothing Could stop you from unloving that.
Its the connection we feel, the sensation, the happiness, torment, cravings, everything we desire.
We as humans should be thankful to be in this aura. The greatest power we equip, our love.


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