I still remember

When I was too small to think

What mother’s love is

I hid back at the corner of the car

Asked my dad to not tell her

And say that they lost me

Amidst the people we were meeting

Without my consent, I was insistent

She panicked and halt the car

Worried were I was lost

Till the prank fall down with laughter of us

That I’m here mumy, don’t worry

I’m safe and sound with you

I still remember when I was young

I’d broken my knee

Trying to keep it to myself

To show myself strong

In front of you and my bro

But my awkward stance made you doubtful

You kept asking me what’s the trouble

I just tried to ignore to telling you I had fallen

That the incident was a realization

That you are the only one who can help yourself

Others just spectate

I was afraid to say anything to you

Still you crossed the distance mum

And hugged me

And the invisible bridge inside me

Broke down

It felt so good in your safe arms

I cried hard, told you what hurts

You know me in and out

You know I’m an emotional fool

I know I have done some big mistakes in life

Instead of making you proud

I have had let you down sometimes

But mumy you will always be the best cook in world

The best singer, the best painter for me

The best teacher, the person.

I love you mum

Happy birthday to you!


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