When we sleep sound
When we know if we get around
Its going to be safe
Its going to be sound
Those fighters
Giving and sacrificing
Their own precious life
To let us sleep in peace
To make the nation free
They take the real bullets through their heart
Mother nation, our mother earth
Is all they serve their lives for
Living in worse climates
Away from their families
Imagine their happiness
When they’d come home
To thier crying child craving for them
For their precious time
Asking them to stay,
To never leave
In their Last breath
They would love to complete
The fight they had
Against, they were never bound to
But thier patriotism
To thier heights
I wish, we could do something
For all those who suffer misery
Not just only soldiers
We all are fighters
In our histories
We have our battles
We win, we loose
Some die, some give the birth
To the unhindered fire within us
HOPE is the fire
Alive in everyone’s eyes
Hope to make every person you meet
And make them smile
And protect
Till your last day.


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