Social obligations

In today’s society, who doesn’t wants to be social. In fact there are classes about how to interact and show personality to specific people.

I mean, how ridiculous!

Ah! I know, these things are important. You can’t go to your boss directly and say, hey, what’s my project for the upcoming days?

No, you can’t. You have to fill in the ordinary obligation of the society considering someone higher than other.

Its funny, if you are not able to recognise the facial expressions of the person speaking to you. If they really are interested to talk to you, or they are just standing, whimpering every second like, oh god! Can this person go and bor someone else.

I’m a kind of ambivert, I guess. But I really myself don’t know how to interact to people. I find it ridiculous.

I enjoy in people’s company, but also long for the closed corridor of me and some few friends.

It sometimes just discomforts that you don’t really know how to not pour yourself on to other. How not to be too good for the person who is not asking for it.

Yea! I really make fun of myself doing that. Knowing the unknowingly.

Its been some time now, that I have started to control my interactions more than what situations want from themselves.

That only people who really are interested will have a know on what I want to tell. Even sometimes I enjoy forcefully telling the theories of my mind to few people.. I know they will consider me crack as always, only them. But it just hurts a little who you go over of something someone doesn’t wants and indicates to leave your presence forcefully.

Like, oh common, I was telling the things that might help you.

But never mind, we all do the very same to people. Mostly the teachers for example.

If you read this full till here, I think you’re really having a free time right now to hear my daily chores babbles. XD.



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