God’s plan

I believe in something

That someone non existing


That he plans for us

Our destinies

He plans our folly

He plans our success

Even he plans our failure

I believe there is a God’s plan

For every one of us

We don’t recognise it

We live with it


Even though we might loose

Its all in the plan

The evil, the good

Everything is a God’s plan

The path you take

Is only your choice

How you embrace,

Is your choice

I believe in the good

And will do it till death

Human easily is a traitor

But try to become the best you have

Believe me, even if the situation seems out of hand

God’s plans for you are on right track

Although you might not get what you want

World is not a wish granting factory

But still you’ll have someone to cherish

Believe in me,

It becomes all right in the end

Follow the God’s plan.


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