No fairytales

Hola people! I hope everyone is doing well.

Thought of the day – ALWAYS be optimistic!

Well, as the topic might suggest you.. there is no such things we read in our childhood stories. A prince charming, coming to take you away from the messy world.. going down to his knees and takes you forever to a place silent and beautiful , with a canal flowing .. a small bench and a tree alongside.. blossoming with flowers.. oh! that’s all imaginary.

Nor there is an angel like girl, who will be always good whatever you do, who will always love and sacrifice for you and blah blah.

We all are LIVE and an individual person. We all think, and have our hearts on right place according to us. May be, our actions might seem correct to us but it might hurt someone unknowingly. Even though, you might put yourself down the list of priorities and put everyone else first, then too, you’ll face anxiety. Being selfless doesn’t comes without pain.

Life is never perfect. It’s you who make it. Your attitude, your behaviour, your understanding and believes makes you who you are and what you’ll be. Before feeling sad, or blaming someone, put yourself in their shoe. would you have done the same thing for? or would have that much patience to hear and explain right things to sort everything out even though you know it breaks your heart?

You cannot compare anyone’s situation, because every one has their own battles to fight. And I respect every person and every battle they fight every day to survive. Even if they seem small to you, it might take their highest potential to face it and smile for you, hiding everything behind.

All the depressing things have done enough at least for me. I’m literally tired enough that my brain doesn’t responds now to over think. I have started to let the things go as they will to. I want to live best of my life, because, a life that has been loved is a life that has been lived.. I want to love everything, the sunshine, the birds-chirping, my brother making fun out me, my studies, my friends, the people I love, the city and everything around me. Because if you would have heard … living life is hard than dying. and I want to push myself hard in living life most optimistically as I can. I want to love as strong as I can leaving no possible impossible in my trying.

This what I remind myself to Live,Love and Laugh a lot .. till your breaths comes short and all pain gone, till you forget even why were you laughing at first place. I want to be that person with good vibes. And I will.

Hope, the person reading gets the positive vibe I feel right now, and live life as happy as they could :).

Enjoy your day buddy, don’t ย roam over darkness, I wholeheartedly invite you to my sunshine.



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