Nights and days.

I miss your arms around me
Tight and light hugging me
I miss how you kissed on my cheek
Like it was yesterday, we worried
Don’t you look like had violence? You said
I miss those strawberries with you
And the vanilla tipping off your lips
I miss the touch of your moustache
The beard and the way I used to nest my head
Under your chin, between your chest
The safe home, I guess
In the cold nights, when you became my blanket
When we play like child, and celebrate the win
Keeping fake party to feed you good
All those crazy laugh and naughty texts
The way you come around
And say boo in my ears
The way I feel nervous, and happy at the same time
I used to believe love a bullshit
That it happens in novels, movies and non reality
But I didn’t knew it could be true
Until I met you
Till I met you
Now all that was far away
The feeling I thought impossible
I feel
But love is there so are the obstacles
But I promise to make the obstacles vanish
For you, for us
I have started thinking about dreams
I know which can’t be true
I wish They could
But I can’t wait how the time unfolds
No matter whatever happens
My best memories I have lived
Now its more easy that I have had you
That world contains nothing of life and death
I have lived this life. Happy.
And deaths aboard don’t fear me
I got what I want and now want no one
I’ll be your mom, your love, your friend
Your anything your bro even your nerve-wracking sis
Till you get your way back to good and warm, safe and happy place
I’ll walk beside you
From the darkest night to the brightest day. πŸ™‚



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