My light

I just remembered

How you held me from the back

When I was washing our dishes

How satisfying that feeling was

How we wasted all our food XD

How you held me tight

And close, to you

How the feeling of this cold was gone

Right in your warmth, in you

I wish I could have seized that moment

Would have looked in the mirror

Would have captured in a photograph

How you hands were folded on my stomach

And how your chin rested on my shoulders

How you managed to compensate my height

And how you curve your spine

Just to be mine

All those memories flipping in my eyes

Right now

These diwali lights are around

But my happy place is incomplete

I wish to see these lights with you

To look up and smile

To enjoy the little things in life

Oh god! I think I’m so crazy

And I know I am

Thank you for tolerating me

And a very happy diwali

I hope, one day,

We’ll celebrate it together

Looking right above the sky

Where the lights will meet the dark

Making every night bliss and wonderful


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