It’s not necessary to give a title

To this poem or things we feel

My cheeks are still red.

My eyes brimming with love

My hairs still messy

My heart still beating fast

If I would tell you

The things I feel

If I would show you

That every word you say

Matters to me

If I would say

That yes I understand you

And I understand myself too

As a third person perspective

But as first person view it seems different

If I would show you

The little things you do to me

That make me so happy

Make my day even night

The things you say, you notice

You’d think it too cheesy

If I would ever open my mouth

To speak something I think

But I can’t continue

Then it’s really an emotional thing for me

Which I could continue if I would apply breaks

Or will Continued with the fall of drops

If I would be you I’ll still be amazed

Life is so confusing

But at the same time

I love who I am

I love the way you are

I love the way we are

I love everything with you

And there’s nothing without you I know

Because you know the deepest corner of my heart

Although I don’t speak much deep

Cause its hard to talk for me

Because you know my wild side

Only you know how far I can even get

Because only you can sense

When I become indifferent

It has been you

And no one else

I know it’s going to be tough

But dear, you’re not alone in this

Do not fear

Because whatever the up or down is

We have to face it together

Cause it started together

So does it will go on

No one can predict the future

No me, no you, no newspaper

Death is out of bounds you see

It would be too easy escape

May be I was born weak

When I thought of easy escapes in childhood

But I think, I’m strong enough

To have faith in us

That’s why I’ll always keep waiting

May be God’s plan is still working

May be everything will turn around for best of all

Till then, I’m waiting by the fall

Yah! I think and dream

Like a movie

Or a novel

Where you and I becomes us

Where the roots of our trees get joined

And where we sit

Under the stars

In each others arms

In our own place

Peaceful and happy

Our dog running around

The sunrise and the sunsets with you

I would cook learning from XD

I would dance with you

I would sing the whole day

Like it would be so blissful and gay (happy)

But for now.

I’ll take a deep breath

I’m stop writing here

But the thoughts are still brewing

Still heavy on my mind

We don’t know how it’s going to work in future

I guess, we’ll figure it out eventually

Let it take time

So for now, I big token of love

For you

Remember me in your dreams

And never let me go

Because I want you to hold me close

Wherever you go even in your dream



9 Replies to “”

      1. Wishes For A Brighter Day

        I wish all your pain and suffering goes far away,
        I wish you get to see a brighter and happier day.

        I want my enthusiastic and bubbly friend back again,
        I miss your old self so much that it is driving me insane.

        What is life without you my dearest friend?
        I promise to watch your back till the very end.

        I pray that you get well really very soon my dear,
        And bring back the wonderful glow of your vibrant cheer.

        Liked by 1 person

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