I am a believer of DESTINY

I read the books like Twilight and Harry Potter earlier

Wishing something Magical and adventurous LOVE

I always admired Edward and Snape

for their self-less love and stake

for the unconditional faith they had on their own love

these characters made me crave for same

I never imagined I would ever love someone like this

I never thought that anyone could love me

Because for people I was the shy, the Nerdy girl

But then you came in my life<3

My whole world was upside down

whatever I believed ,that seemed impossible for me I did

I never trusted Jacob’s intentions

I never fully understood Snape enough

I could never have understood Bella enough

Till I met you

Now, I know what Jacob must have felt when he saw his love

I know Snape’s shares of regrets that he must have confessed

because I’m your Jacob , Bella

because I’m you Snape, Lily

I am never gonna leave you hurting

I know you love me too

but I know ,whom you can’t live without

I would have imagined a million times

we growing older

our kids and our families

a part of each other

living in this fantasy I once slipped too

when my uncle asked what’s your full name

although unintentionally , I was going to say your’s half name

But I shut my mouth tight , so that no one could ever know what I think

I am a believer of destiny

Destiny made us meet by chance

our different worlds collided in one

we fell in love

I rest my patience in your love and this destiny

May be not ,we are meant to be

But may be we are

We can’t predict the future, although I know it’s already fixed

But I want to cherish you every single day I have got to keep with you

I may get Jealous of people you like or notice

but deep down I know instantly you love me too

That makes me Happy , that makes me satisfied

I know I’m not great anything

But you consider me makes me bold

bold enough that you’d think that I show you attitude

but deep down it’s just a girl throwing tantrums

wanting you to show your love and care

Because whenever you seem distant

my heart yelps

Whenever you are sad

my eyes twitch

that something is wrong with me too

That’s why I know

That definitely you are my LILY

Because , no matter what

I’m gonna remain the same

Because I can’t see you hurt

Because it does matters to me

because you are my priority

because you are before me.


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