I have seen people lingering in the dark

I have seen the wanting of companion to share

Your every thought, ridiculous or not

Your pain, tears, your laughter

Care, love, and friendship

I have seen people craving for things

We as humans, crave for things we don’t have already

And ignore what we have at present

I too am, same

When I see and feel such people say things

I feel I’m blessed to have you

By my side, as a WALL.

Your presence keeps the dark side away

Sometimes my monsters run but they are locked engraved

Everything seems alright when I have you as my WALL

Knowing that I have the one, who I could share my fears

My happiness, my tears

My loss, my gain

My stories and some pj’s XD

I love how you do little things for me

I love how you look at me

And then my fears become non- existent

And you become the only one I could see.




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