I’ll tell you
Our confusions on what we are going to eat
Your irritation when I click a pic
Or mine, when you take it weird
You know when to do the right
You acted like a hero when you stopped those auto
Stepping in front that no one moves
And I acting dumb like what to do
Leaving the last sip of the shake
Or the bite of chicken biryani
Knowing that something is wrong
By only listening my voice
You really observe everything
You really do
Are baba ji!!! you know everything
And I have never said a word
Consciously that is not right
I was not bragging when I said
You changed me
I know it’s for good definitely
Because I have seen you in hard times
I have seen you brave
That inspires me
I have seen how you care
I have seen you close
Your scars, I love them too
Yes, you know this
You know me better then myself
You know me better than the people I call my best friends
And I’m really disappointed with myself
I’m really
I never meant what I said that night
It was mere frustration
It will never happen again
That’s a promise to myself
But please, don’t you act like this
Please, be your normal self
Laugh with me
Talk with me with the spirit we hold
Ignore my wrong deeds if you can
I know I have hurt you
But please let me make it up to you
Listen please, don’t go away.
I know I can’t reverse the time
But let me make today and tomorrows
Worth the while!
So that we could laugh again without a heavy heart
So that we could share again
Openly that we used to do
If just you could
Please I want my rashi back
So that I could share my weird dreams of what we did together
So that I could crack those pj’s again
And laugh knowing you wouldn’t still I’ll not stop
But till you say, that, yes it’s OK…
My heart will remain heavy
So please lift it
Please let me make it up to you



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