What is life? πŸ€”

Life is an everlasting experiment
You suffer good and bad
You may cross Crossroads
You may get delusional
You may experience hurt
You may experience choice
You may experience happiness
You may experience the experiment
Its just an experiment which will last one day
That one day, what will you remember?
Make your experience like what you want
Its solely your choice
Because no one can influence you but yourself
Its your life, your experience
Make it worth and satisfying
I wish everyone remains happy with their paths. That’s all I want.
Because no one will remember you, but me
Because if everyone leaves stand by you but I’ll be there
May be you won’t believe, I have fought my battles too
We could wait for another life
If that what destiny is

But I’m not a type of easy accept

I’ll try to change my destiny if I get

But stop your hurt and be happy
Because that’s what makes me happy.

Because baby if you consider me your friend

Than I’ll be it

I have tried myself again and again.

I’ll try being yours too, I know I can do

Don’t blame yourself for things out of control

Its not me not you just the time in that row

Now, when we are ahead of it

We’ll well figure out the rest

Its all in the night’s blackness

Where this magic resides

Time will abide

And things will go right

We are just missing pieces of a puzzle

Trying to figure out the correct one

Though we can’t,? I know it’s hard

Then too life is individual

Sometimes lone time is best

Sometimes lone time becomes disturbing.

You are good at hiding

But I’m good at reflecting

I can be practical at once

I can be emotional fool at the other second

Depends on what situation I’m in

So let’s just flow in this river of time.

Lets see where it takes

Whether we’ll sediment or we’ll end up in sea

Let’s just take the ride of this experiment

Because you got a life!



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