Let me

I find my happiness with you
I found my love for you
I found a passion within
Which ignites like a fire with you
Your sweet face, I could stare all day
Your composed smile makes you look mature
But I found the innocence in your naughty ways
I found your heart, made a little space
For me in it
I found you in unimaginable way
Now, I’ll not let go the hold on your hand
I’ll cross the small spaces and jump for the fact
To hold you tight and close
We can be the equals
For pain, for pleasure
We are the equals
For hurt and love
Let me share you world
And I have already shared mine
You are my glasses which redefine
The world I see around me
So let me be your words that comes out of your mouth
Let you be my choice, the best one I have ever made
We will be the water that flows
Over the obstacles non stopping potential
Let the universe decide the destiny
And the karma is in our hands. ๐Ÿ™‚


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