You ♥️

And I was just looking for wrong thing in the wrong time
I’ll tell you the truth no lies
I thought I craved you
Your voice
Your skin
Your touch
Your talks
But tonight I felt it was all the way wrong
I was seeing our pictures
The videos we made in last year
All the memories happy and sad
Flashed back in my heart
I cried, missing you
Like I’m loosing you, but I was wrong
I know you love me but it’s hard to show
Then I saw our videos
When I teased you to look at the camera
And you just shun me by taking it off
The real smile your lips curve at
The happy lines on your face
The brightness of the crinkling eyes
And that moustache spread on that smile
That laughter when your breath comes shallow
When we just run away to steal your picture
That innocent look in your mature face
That I discovered
That child who needs rest
And a little less burden from the shoulders
Yes! I discovered that child in you those times
You were giddy you were happy
I was wrong
I don’t miss you
Coz, your are always in here
In my mind, in my heart
I don’t miss you
Because people are missed when they are gone
And you’ll remain in me always
Let it be the first and last mark on my knee of your nail
I finally found what I was craving these restless nights and days
Guess what it was ‘you’
The other part
The happy, the innocent and free one
I miss him
Though I can’t say to shake it off
You have responsibilities to do
And I totally support you.
You have to take care
Of the person, who made you walk first
Who’s life deed was to build you strong
And now he needs you
And I believe father will be as strong
As he was when you took your first steps
But not now, he needs rest
You know it all, already, nothing new
But things I forgot
I have reminded myself too
We have had beautiful beautiful times
Locked memories in these videos
And in these dark moments too
I am always closer to you
When I saw the then n now
Pic you send
The dark under eye, the sad look
On your face made me die
I’ll try
Try to make you strong
I don’t know how, I don’t know if I can
Possibly ruin it all
But what I think is what I write
I am desperately waiting for a happy fall
When everything gets settled and fit
Uncle gets cured and you’ll be tranquil
I’ll be waiting till that time
Staying all the way through it
With you
To bring back my
Happy you♥️


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