Moving away from home
From all the protection and love
From mother’s sweet arms
From father’s secure shadow over
You moved to a place unknown
Just with a moto to grow
You adjusted, you started to live new
New friends new environment
But lately it dawned on
That you are not good enough
Not good enough to be pride in eyes
Of the caring parents you have
Not good enough to make your own future
Considering yourself depressed
About the failures you are facing
That you can’t do the things coming
That you can’t overcome that guilty feelings
Of wasted times you had to study
Tired of the tough competition
Yes.. All things.. I know
Coz I have been through the same
Considering myself useless
To the point that I didn’t needed anyone anymore
Tried to keep myself isolated
From everyone
But listen me.. Hear me my friend
It had not been the same every day after
It changes.. Time changes
Its just a phase
Just a phase.. A difficult one but it is
It shall pass.. You’ll go on
And I assure you
You will be happy and confident again
You will get the satisfaction that you want
Just a little time for yourself is what you need
Just think of people who care about you
Just consider how lucky you are to have them
Never give up!
Try! Try till you can
Ups and downs make this life
I know it’s steep downhill right now
But there will be a clear plateau visible after a time
You should think positive
Try to be happy with what you get
Because deep inside we all know
What we get is what we reap..
So do not loose hope
You will fight it over
You will come out in flying colours
You’ll fly high



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