Birthday post for someone.. 

You question me again and again

Why do we have to celebrate?

The day we get older

Oh dear!

It’s not just a no.

Not just age

Not just oldness

You achieve

But it’s auspicious day

When you can count on your friends

To make it special

On your beloved people

Whom you admire in your life

To celebrate the love of your mother

Which you received

Before coming on earth

To celebrate each and every moment

You’ve had to rejoice

It’s your birthday



be  the BEST

With whatever you do

I have just tried 

to make your birthday a little


You don’t know

How much worth more you are

You’re the perfectionist

You’re a warrior

Love and care

Is  in you all

And these are some of the reasons

For which I had fallen for you

You are so clear and sharp

You understand everything I feel

I’m trying to do

To reciprocate

To love you the way you did

Knowing the end

Knowing everything

But can’t stop myself

And this day will not stop

Even we have practical next dawn


A very very to infinite time


Stay blessed forever

May you earn what you dream

May you get happiness, you look forward for

May you live more than 100 years

May you have blistering bright future

This is all I can pray

This is all I can say

BTW.. You don’t even know even

Who’s birthday it is

The a person I love now

The a person I care for now 

Its criminal thing 

How much a person can be special to someone 

But yea… This revelation of my first love 

Please don’t react another way 

Don’t think a single thing 

Because it’s the way ‘I’ feel 

May be you’ll like it or not 

But I did reveal 


Its your birthday 

Birthday boy 

Nopes… It’s 




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