Words unsaid.. 

How to describe..

When my expressions give it all

How to jot it down

When these feelings are brimming so high

Everything you make me feel

Is very first time for me

Every single touch

Every kiss you give

Makes me fly

Sitting on the bench

Creates wings

My heart gets clogged

Estrogen gushes

How to describe

Bcz there are no words

Words to say how blissful it is to feel

That you care and love

Trying to make me feel good

I want to give you my all

So I’ll never stop

Even my hands crack with the shaking

I’ll hold you tight

Want to kiss you..

In that moment

To pour everything that I feel

Wanna make you see

Everything I feel

It is surreal

It seems so unreal

To feel this all

Writing it in words..

Will limit its meaning

That’s how much special

You make me feel

You seem perfect

With every quality I wished

You are perfect

With whatever you think


I’m immature

And I hurt you

But baby, I never meant to

The things you’ve said

Are printed in my mind

I’ll always try my best

To do in accordance

To make you feel good

To make you feel the worth

You have in my life

Late nights

Staring at your photos

Seeing the smile

Seeing the bright eyes

Makes me fall for you more n more

How much.. Idk

But it’s the truth I wrote

Pouring every single drop of my heart

It’s not just lust

Not for me

Not for you

This is beautiful truth

Just a little complicated

Well we are living just in present

And I feel happy like never. Whenever I’m with you

You just need to know

That you’re the one I trust blind

Who I can rely

Who I can touch

Without thinking what you’ll think

You are the only one I think of

You asked that night

How I felt

When you touched the real ME there

How can describe

How can write.

Can those emotions be expressed

I don’t ever think so

Ever little movemen

Chilled me burned me

Every inch of skin on fire

Tips of finger ice cold

Shaking.. Holding on you

Tingling from head to toe


I’m going to bury in your shoulder

In any next second

Like I’m diving in deep water

Which I cannot escape

Like happy pill

I have taken to get high

Every single minute with you

Every single silence

Is worth

Worth a million

Yea.. I’m trying to grab it all

Understand it all

Because my feelings are always on fire

Makes me feel giddy

Makes me smile all day  to night

How to describe all these things I feel

The depth of it

Because you’ll never know

What I can feel

But hope so

You just get a little gist

Of what you make me feel

This is my answer

This is what I feel



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