Express yourself 

When I’m in need

When I’m mad 

I need you 

As a consoling hand

In which I can cry 

To get shoulders 

To bury my head 

To satiate the burning fire in head 

I just need a hug 

express myself. 

Why don’t you?

Why don’t you let me in?

When you’re r in trouble. 

When you get impatient 

When your heart hurts 

You shut all the doors 

I keep knocking.. 

I know you need space 

But you need to know that 

I’m there behind the doors you closed 

The walls you built 

Just let me in.. Express yourself 

And then may be…. I can help 

You to recover.. You to breathe 

Out of these messy things 

You feel I’ll l get buried with your problems 

But I guess.. My heart is a hale

It may change the potential but never will fail

To understand and to care 

Never have I changed before 

Nor will I change 

Even you share your gravest danger 

Just let me in, just express yourself 

May be I… Can help you with it!! …



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