You entered my life
With a dark past
But you had a light heart

I felt your hands and feelings emerged
Tingling me to fear
To loose you or to grip you

Left me too my own devices
And now I’m craving after all these crises
Crises in my mind…

Of what is wrong
But this feels so right to do the wrong
You are the balm of my shaking hands

You make me high with your every touch
When our lips touched first
My heart raced and succumbed

It is doped with the love of yours
And now all I can do is wait
For the time is biggest treasure

I’ll give you my all
Will trust with every single word
Still sometimes I want to hurry

But I know and hope so
You will do right in time
Till then let us set free from all the Chaos 

And give ourselves to these

(Let me know your thoughts about my poems and like.☺️)


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