Succumb in constant threats 

Head doped with nasty amess 

Always livin fear 

But the smile plastered 

The jolly nature 

All is painted pain

All is plastered fake 

Keeping the calm always in need

Showing help in every deed 

It’s so easy to understand 

But the plastered smile is hard to tear 

It is all but painted pain

Can’t be washed in simple rain 

It needs may be an open jar

To fill to the brim with what worth left 

So that someone can bring the treasure back 

Wait will await till the day 

Painted pain gets washed out with rain 

Hey friends and fellow readers…  Sorry I’m inactive these days..  I glad y’all still read my post and appreciate it….  I’m obliged!  I’ll try to post more frequently.


(image source – my friend’s photography account.. Do take a look guys!..


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