Unpredictable feelings 

Pulling a chair for me, 

With a gentle bow. 

Whereas I din’t cared if he is low 

Through our friendly conversations got to know 

The skills and talents he approached 

But dumb as I am

Happy in my own world

Forgot everything he told 

He said he is a serious guy 

And I took it in a laugh 

But when I just started to check his profile 

He showed me new dimensions 

His sense of capture 

His sketches people following after 

Wondering..  What a great fool I was

To consider him just my lab patner 

Awed and surprisingly I found 

It’s too early to state that on the ground

And now I have started noticing 

The small and free smile of him 

Though he considers himself serious 

But may be he can be carefree around me

I’m a very different person 

I’m not passionate enough to do a thing 

But he is such a guy

To enhance every nerve within 

Is it possible.. What I’m thinking.. 

Or I’m just dreaming stuff? 

Again I don’t know what to do 

Just let the pieces fall there self 

As the time continues. 


41 Replies to “Unpredictable feelings ”

      1. Ohh…. college life!! Enjoy it while you can!! 😁
        Can understand the busy schedule!! Thanks for sacrificing sleep for this…but dont do it often…sleep is the best!! 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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