I have been  away for so longgg from WordPress!!  Have reasons enough though..  People who must have been waiting for the story..  I regret to share that I will not be able to start it…  May be after things settle around.. In my life..  

Here comes a short poem for my friends.. 

Make happy days ahead 

Go far but do not forget the rest 

Yes,  may be the little bond we had will turn fade

Or will uphold the roots till the days

But who can see the future?  Who can see the end?  

Whatever the course we have taken 

Will lead us to our fate 

I dearly hope,  that you are in that future 

Coz,  the past we made is a source of lure

We had our misunderstandings

We had our trust 

Fighting against the sea

But our boat does never rust 

‘gain hope to see you forever in my fate 

MY FRIENDS all are mine and divine.

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