The Versatile Award..

I would like to thank  Colors of my life for nominating me! Yeaaa it’s my first award nomination!😂😂! And which one… Versatile!!! Thanks a lot seriously!! 😂!!!! You should check this blog. It can help you with setting your objectives and doing them with all your determination. It’s a lovely blog!

Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 10 other bloggers and inform them about the nomination.

List 7 facts about yourself.

7 Facts about me..
1) I have alexathymia. Okay! Don’t think that I have some rare disease by this word… It’s just inability to  describe emotion in verbal manner. That’s why I’m here!! 

2) I am very lazy person. Can sleep upto 9-10 hrs… Don’t judge me..

3) I really love to sing.. Yea.. I have a good voice.

4) With singing, I have also started writing my own songs.. Thinking of posting them as well..

5) I hate.. And truly hate all reptiles, insects.. Spiders.. Lizards…snails… Worms.. All!

6)I also like to pass my time by painting.. Or watching some really interesting pranks on YouTube.

7) My first novel series that connected me to literature was Twilight! Really people thing it’s not that good.. Well I love it.

There is a longgggg list .. People who supported me from start.. People who inspire with their posts.. But, for now, my ten nominees are..

Fortunately Human
New Moon Plan
Brainy Versatility
chaos– xd

Prose and Portrait 

Dilkash shaiyari
Byluis 7


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