A lovely blog award..

Kudos to guys n girls out there!!!!! My second nomination for award. A very big thanks to Shubham for nominating for this award, to think I deserve it! My two awards together yeaaaa!!!! Do check out his blog!!! He is amazing! Writes things that can touch your heart!😂😂 Now back to the rules..

Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.

They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.

Must add 7 facts about themselves.

Nominate 15 people to do the award!

The 7 random facts about me:

1) I loved That’s so Raven !!!! A lot

2) I don’t like chocolates.. I mean 1-2 pieces are enough..

3) I like listening songs .. Every genre depending on my mood

4) I hate when wifi signals are weak … Like now .. When I’m  trying to upload and it is just …….

5) I love to play badminton

6) I’m pure veggie

7) I’m not a good dancer, then too I like dancing!

So, now I’ll hear about my nominees


Simple Ula


Colors of my life
Carlo Rossi
Beka’s journal
Love it now
Neevey adu– ahmed

Seerat’s corner
La photographie
Many more to come… Many more to go… Just have a day.. Bright like a zircon!


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