Normal as ever

We became friends

Hanging out, talking stuff

And I started to share my real world

To you and you were always cool

Yeah! We became best friends

I think, you thought that too

Day and night, everytime

Either chatting or on call

Not realizing, how close I got attached to you

But now, I wonder it was just me

You were never the one, I thought you to be

Still remember the day in our class

After recess, we’d to submit our task

You noticed that you had none

And I cried, blamed myself

Not to remind you, coz I was dumb

I always gave you trust I want

But nevertheless, you let me down

Now, we don’t talk much

Only short conversations jolt among us

And I observe this thing till now

That I’m the first to text Hello!

You never gave a damn about me

So now, this real turned fake friendship

Values nothing to me

The photographs I treasured are now in trash

Few kept, just to be intact

With you, to continue this faraway

Real cum Fake friendship with you!!




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