Normal as ever

We became friends

Hanging out, talking stuff

And I started to share my real world

To you and you were always cool

Yeah! We became best friends

I think, you thought that too

Day and night, everytime

Either chatting or on call

Not realizing, how close I got attached to you

But now, I wonder it was just me

You were never the one, I thought you to be

Still remember the day in our class

After recess, we’d to submit our task

You noticed that you had none

And I cried, blamed myself

Not to remind you, coz I was dumb

I always gave you trust I want

But nevertheless, you let me down

Now, we don’t talk much

Only short conversations jolt among us

And I observe this thing till now

That I’m the first to text Hello!

You never gave a damn about me

So now, this real turned fake friendship

Values nothing to me

The photographs I treasured are now in trash

Few kept, just to be intact

With you, to continue this faraway

Real cum Fake friendship with you!!






I'm not as mature as you might think from my post! ๐Ÿ˜„ Just write the random thoughts of my chaotic mind!! still learning the cunning ways of life.

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