Baby squirrel wanderer!

 Today, we got a little guest at our home! At first, we thought he was dead. But, then he shrank away from our touch. He is just so cute! 

His mother was nowhere to be found. So, my parents decided that we would take care of him untill he can feed himself. Found out that he just 6-7 weeks old little weak baby. 

Whole day, we searched on and on about should we take care, what to feed, time interval, conditions of sickness and dehydration..etc. Before going for work, my father feeded Quirry (lol!! I gave the name hahaha!) without any trouble. And then the battle began.

He would not take a single sip from dropper. We tried to feed him milk in 1-2hr interval, but quirry got nervous and reacted total savage!! At a point he just ran away, but we kept him in deep bowl then, so that he would not get hurt by stray dogs. 

​After much persuasion, quirry timely understood that we want to feed him.

Now, after so many interactions a bond is made. I started thinking over the future, he has only 10-15 years to live!, more spacious box for him … But my chain of thoughts stopped when I heard my father saying “After he is well, to take care of himself.. Then, we’ll leave him in a garden or a tree.” And hearing this made me sad.

But in that instant my mind clicked to note down important thing I learned…  I was selfish to take away the freedom of squirrel. Obviously, it needs companions to develop and nurture. I can’t control his life.

Life cannot be controlled ..

It can only be directed towards the goal …

Like the gushing river flowing untamed ..

Can only be directed to its domain

-SEA …


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