Blurring lines…

“Hey friend! What’s up?” you type

“Fine! what about you?” I reply pleased 

“Not everything right..” You text low

And I start to send ‘what happened?’ so

goes on your tale and I say slow

“Just be honest, just be calm!”

I want to comfort you but I don’t know how

If I write something, what you will think about.

And I say nothing further to empathize 
When topic turns out on me

“What’s in my life?”

I read text with a gliding smile

want to tell you, all what I think

hundreds of mysteries.. thousands of memories

want to share so that you could know me better

but then I stop and think with brain

‘You are fool to think like this’ I just say…

and type the letters

“Nothing fun… have you had one?”

and our simple conversation goes on … 

Whether I’m blurring lines i don’t know​.

Thank you sooo much everyone!!!!  Not had dreamt that I would get a century this early…. Am still a biggener! Love y’all!!!!

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