Is your mind the outlier?

Or is your heart?

Coz, every single minute you find for youself 

I see you smiling in your dreams.

Reading texts, watching video, chatting unlimited

Using your phone, clicking selfies.

But when I ask, what is your real happiness?

You have nothing to speak.

Does your mind outlies in your so-called smart phone. 

Or your heart? 

Coz, the time you got for yourself 

To find yourself 

To build yourself

You give it to that virtual world.

Lets take for an instance when,

You are quite alone.

Think of your mom and text her

When she’s only few miles away!

You placate yourself with her text words

But, have you lost the memories

Laying in lap, feeling homesick?

So get up, coz, this is not the end

Mend up what you forgot to keep real

Collect the outlying parts of you

Your dreams, your heart, your mind too

And put them together to work on

Completing and fixing the real you!



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