#CUSP of adolescence to maturity

When you know you’re never gonna be fearless as you were..

When you know you are never gonna have the draining moments of your priceless innocence….
When you know and worry about the course you take in life…

When you know and hate that being adult comes with hefty list of responsibilities….

When you know and think that you might collapse and never regain what you loved ..

When you know and start treasuring the sweetest of the moments you spend in your life..

When you think of the games you played hours in your backyard or in a park with your friends..

When you think all the childish things you did and a nostalgic smile crosses your lips…

This is the time when you have crossed the cusp of adolescence and gained maturity.

Maturity comes to different people at different phase.. 

In different meanings and different ways…

But when it comes, you realize your days..

Days that were filled of joy and colours…

Days when you skipped school and enjoyed some favours…

You smile when you read the text i had post..

Yes my friend! we are on the same boat.

Now in weekends when you have off! 

Try to replenish the child in you and put yourself off the radar for once .

To forget the cusp of maturity that you’ve earned



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