Procrastination.. The later thing

 We always procastinate. I’ll do it tomorrow. Oh no! Homework…. I’ll do it later. Why? Why later? 

Think if time was money. Sure, everyone here reading the post saves money at an extent for future plans and other purposes. Don’t you? Hell yeah! You do. Now the situation is … You have already left so much for later that we are in debt circle. Students on nearing exams wish for time lenders …. Only if it was possible. I had done it too. And now I know. Time is more valuable than money because it can’t be withdrawn or borrowed. Use it wisely and don’t put things on Later. 



6 Replies to “Procrastination.. The later thing”

  1. Hi Poojannn,
    My nickname is Jan, but people call me Janice.
    I met you in the Community Pool where you indicated you were a new blogger. Welcome and congratulations on starting your blog. I help new bloggers at my site. I host 10 networking events a month where you can meet new readers.
    In response to what you wrote– I agree time is more valuable than money since you can’t get money back.

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      1. Hi,
        Thanks so much for following my blog Reflections, but I have not blogged at Reflections in two years. I would love for you to follow me to my current blog, This way you can receive my invitations to my networking events where you can meet new readers for your blog. See you at!


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